Apothēkē Skin Science – A local brand I’m Currently Obsessed With

– A local brand you’ll love


When I first encountered Apothēkē Skin Science, I never knew that it is made here in the Philippines because the name sounds international to me. My familiarity about this local brand deepened during the #ABCommunityPH77 Grand Meet Up because they were one of the brand partners of the said event. 


“Handcrafted with only the finest of natural ingredients, Apothēkē’s products deliver all the necessary agents to protect your skin against outside irritants, slow down the effects of aging, and rescue your skin from acne, redness, scars, eczema, puffiness, and itchiness”. 

All organic. Cruelty-Free. No Parabens, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s), Sulfates, Silicones, Toxins, Synthetic Chemicals and Additives. 

When they said that their products are affordable, girl! they are not bluffing! You can get their entire product line for as low as P1,599.00 – and I’m talking about seven products in full sizes! How about that? 

Photo from Apothēkē Skin Science Shopee Account

Their Pure Castile Facial Wash, Alcohol-free Firming Toner and Skin Doctor comes in variants for men and women. 

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: So it’s undeniable that their products are really affordable … but how about the quality? Here are some products from the line that I’m using for two consecutive weeks now and how I feel about them. 



This facial wash is yellow-ish in appearance and liquidy in consistency. It needs a little bit of water to help it form a lather. From my first wash two weeks ago until now, it remained gentle on my skin. It does the job of removing any excess makeup or dirt on my face and it can be easily rinsed off. After every wash, my skin felt clean and shows no signs of dryness because of its low pH Level. The scent reminds me of an uncooked, water-soaked oatmeal – my go to regimen whenever I have allergic reactions due to  skin sensitivity. The packaging is a brown plastic container that depicts an old style medicine bottle. Its key ingredient is Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

FIRMING TONER (100 ML @P249.00)


I love toners that are housed in spray bottles because I find them very convenient to utilize. This firming toner contains no alcohol which is one of the things to avoid if you have dry and sensitive skin like me. Its really refreshing to use specially when refrigerated. Unlike the pure Castile Facial Wash, the scent of this toner is a little off but not that bad plus it instantly fades away anyway. It claims to close the pores – which I can’t prove as early as now but its true that its non-drying and helps in brightening the skin. Its key ingredients are Witch Hazel Extract and Pure Rose Water Hydrosol. 

NIACINAMIDE 10% Blemish Control SERUM (30 ML @P249.00)


Most serums are usually concentrated with a slightly thick consistency but this one is in a form of a gel. It’s clear in appearance and smells exactly like the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel which I find so refreshing. The packaging like its sisters, is like an old style medicine bottle but this one is made of glass and comes with a pump dispenser. Its easy to apply, not sticky and easily absorbed by the skin. It promises to reduce blemishes, calm breakouts and protect skin from sun damage among others. Its key ingredients are 10% Niacinamide ( high concentration) and Pure Aloe Vera Gel. 



This mask reminds me of the Aztec Healing Clay but instead of Apple Cider Vinegar, it is recommended to be mixed with water. I used it by mixing 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of clay and 2 tablespoons of water.  The recommended ratio is 1 spoon of clay : 2 spoons of water, but I find the mixture to be too runny that’s why I added 1/2 tablespoon more clay. Take note to avoid using metallic tools/containers when working on this clay mask so as not to affect its natural properties. 

The texture is rough as the clay doesn’t really melted no matter how long I mixed it. Surprisingly, I did not feel any discomfort while applying it on my face using a flat brush. I let the mask to sit on my face for 15 minutes and  I rinsed it off with little to no effort. 

My skin did not turned red after I dry it up with a face towel (it usually happens whenever I use the Aztec Healing Clay). My pores were visibly clean, felt soft and I absolutely notice how glowing my skin has become . There’s no harsh feeling, stinging or itchiness even until the next morning. The Apothēkē Detoxifying Mask has only two ingredients which are Pure Calcium Bentonite Clay and Activated Charcoal.

Yeah! Obviously, I love every single product featured in this post from Apothēkē Skin Science. A brand that we can all be proud of. Visit their Shopee and Instagram Accounts to know more about their products. 

– though gifted, this blog is not sponsored – 



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  1. Hi! Do you still use these products? If so, what are some of your most recommended products? Thank you very much 🙂


    1. Hi! I already emptied out the Pure Castile Facial Wash and Firming Toner, and consumed half jar of the Detoxifying Face Mask – I highly recommend them to you all.


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