A’Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster Review

– “Blackhead Out Without the Ouch?”


If you already read my A’Bloom by Althea Haul, you would know that this BHA Blackhead Blaster was one of my purchases. It caught my attention because its really affordable at P240.00 for 8 grams of product, its convenient to use and easy to carry around. It is recommended for Oily and Combination Skin Types but we will see if its also suitable for Dry and Sensitive skin and of course if it does effectively removes blackheads. 


WHAT TO LOVE This product is marketed as the first natural BHA stick that promises to easily remove nasty blackheads and whiteheads without the pain. It is said to have an effective formula that offers fast results with natural and gentle ingredients. It also aims to melt away impurities and prevent future breakouts. 

KEY INGREDIENTS: White Willow, known as a natural, gentle exfoliant and also helps in fighting acne. It makes the skin bright and radiant. Charcoal, naturally draws out oil, bacteria, dirt and chemicals from the skin. Apricot Seed, have a high content of essential fatty acids and Vitamin A. Its natural moisturizing properties keep the skin healthy and soft despite exfoliation. Tea Tree Leaf Oil, known for its anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can calm redness and irritation and an acne fighter as well.



A’Bloom really did great with the packaging of the Blackhead Blaster. It is compact, travel-friendly and easy to use because you just have to twist it up and its in a stick form.  I expected the consistency of the product to be glue-like, sticky and waxy but its far from that. It’s actually soft, easy to glide and kind of melts away once comes in contact to the skin. 


LEFT – Extra Cap on top of the stick, RIGHTActual amount of product

The instruction said to apply the Blackhead Blaster to concerned areas, massage it gently for a minute, wash with lukewarm water and your done. This is the process that I did on the photo on the left. However, I noticed that none of my blackheads were removed. So, I did another round. This time I only applied the product on the side of my nose (photo on the right) with noticeable blackheads and whiteheads and I let it sat on my skin for 5 minutes. I also rinsed it off using lukewarm water. 


I used a micro lens to give you an in-depth look on my pores. As you can tell, my skin appears to be oily on the “before” photo. My blackheads were evident, though they were kind of blurry because of sebum. After using the blackhead blaster on the “after” photo, my skin becomes oil and sebum free and obviously more clearer. However, my deep seated blackheads were still present and since my skin becomes more clear, my blackheads also becomes more obvious. 

LEFT – Before, RIGHTAfter


In terms of the packaging, affordability, convenience of usage and skin benefits that it can provide, the A’Bloom BHA Blackhead Blaster is a really nice product. However, when it comes to its main purpose, which is to get rid of blackheads … is where I was not amazed. My camera lens said it all.

Given that fact, I will still continue using the BHA Blackhead Blaster because it still did a pretty good job in removing the excess oil and sebum from my skin. Its so gentle that after I massaged it to my face, my nose did not turned red. It leaves the skin soft and a whole lot clearer. It was also great in removing my whiteheads. In fact, I will use it on my entire face just to it can be gently exfoliated and nourished.  

Have you tried using this product? I would love to know if it did removed your blackheads. 


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