All Covered by AC Skin Saver Tinted Sunscreen Review

– “Not your ordinary Tinted Sunscreen”  


As I have mentioned numerous times in my blogs, I’m such a huge fan of multi-purpose and compact makeup and skincare products. But if you’ll ask me what lured me to purchase and review the All Covered by Anna Cay Skin Saver Tinted Sunscreen (retails for P688.00), it would be its skin benefiting ingredients. The brand also claims that this product is not just an ordinary tinted sunscreen because of the coverage that it can provide which is up to medium. Given all this information, I had such high hopes with the performance of this tinted sunscreen. Read on for my thoughts. 


PACKAGING I love everything about the packaging (except for its label that seems to peel-off easily) because its small which means that its travel friendly, hygienic and  economical with its airless pump and its minimalist design. 


SKIN BENEFITING INGREDIENTS Now on one of the best parts, the four cult favorite actives that comprises the Skin Saver Tinted Sunscreen. Vitamin C which is known to be an anti-oxidant and has anti-aging properties. Niacinamide that also prevents skin aging, helps repair skin damage and improve large pores. My top favorites, Hyaluronic Acid that provides massive amount of moisture to the skin and Centella Asiatica known to sooth and calm compromised skin. This tinted sunscreen contains a Sun Protection Factor of 50 PA+++. 


CONSISTENCY/SWATCH I got the shade LIGHT (also available in Medium and Tan) which is just perfect for my fair skin. It appeared to have a grey-ish undertone at first but fortunately it doesn’t anymore once blended. The product is concentrated and mousse-y. I don’t know why or what but I feel some rough texture in it, but it vanishes once applied to the skin. A little goes a long way so be careful so as not to dispense too much product.    


APPLICATION I tried applying the Tinted Sunscreen on my neck using my fingers but I felt a little tugging so I guess it is better to be applied using a damp sponge instead as recommended.  For the face, I applied it using a damp Airblender Sponge in Bevelled Black (also from the same brand) and everything went smoothly. 


FINISH After effortlessly blending the product on my skin, it provided me with an even and medium coverage, the shade blended really well with my skin tone. As you can tell from the photo on the left, there are some redness on my cheek and red pimple marks on my chin and the skin between my eyes. On the right photo, they were all covered pretty good. My complexion becomes even and looks good in photo and in person. Just on its own, the tinted sunscreen was able to conceal my visible pores. I also love how lightweight it is. 

LEFT – Moisturized Face, RIGHT – With Tinted Sunscreen (No Translucent Powder YET) 

I applied a translucent powder over the tinted sunscreen. The product sets quickly and I feel like I don’t have to put a powder over it but I just applied anyway because I will be spending the rest of my day outdoors. Hours later, my skin looks nice and dewy. 


With translucent powder on top 

LONGEVITY The coverage of the tinted sunscreen stayed nice for a good five to six hours. After about seven hours with no touch ups, I noticed a bit of caking on the top part of my nose bridge and the skin near my eye area while my nose doesn’t have enough coverage anymore. My pimple marks also started to peek through but my skin still looks actually nice and dewy. 

After 7 hours from time of application 

VERDICT At first I thought that the Skin Saver Tinted Sunscreen is a bit pricey for almost P700.00 a bottle. However, thinking that its already a two product in one with high level of sun protection factor and provides a medium coverage that still looks nice for five to six hours .. its justifiable. I really appreciate its small and minimalist packaging, how comfortable it is on the skin and of course its skincare benefits. For areas of improvement, I think the brand should expand their shade range so at to cater other pinay skin tones, the annoying sticker label and  some shipping issues that I personally encountered. 

All in all, I think that the All Covered by AC’s Skin Saver Tinted Sunscreen is a good 2-in-1 skincare and makeup product. 


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  1. Still on the fence on this one. I feel like it doesn’t give that much protection if it’s too pigmented. Better layer on a separate SPF first before this one. Shouldn’t it be called a bb cream instead? 😅

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    1. For me, as over-all, this product is more of a foundation in terms of finish, application and longevity. As for its Sun Protection Factor I’m pretty cool with 50, but yeah I guess a little more SPF before applying this tinted sunscreen will protect the skin even more 🙂


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