All Covered by AC AirBlender Sponge in Bevelled Black Review

– finally found the perfect dupe!


The original beauty blender is the softest and porous makeup sponge that I have ever tried and it blends my makeup base seamlessly. There are some sponges being marketed as its dupe and I tried them out of curiosity but nah! they’re not even close.

Last February 2019, Ms. Anna Cay released her very first beauty product she called the AirBlender Sponges. She described these makeup tools as “light and ultra fluffy”. It was sold out minutes after it went up on Shopee! I  ordered one in Bevelled Black – priced at P288.00 (also available in bevelled pink and teadrop pink) along with her All Covered Skin Saver Tinted Sunscreen. 

PACKAGING The AirBlender sponge comes in a small white box with shiny gold design and prints on it, just nice and simple. It is sealed with a decal AC logo.  

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SNOE’s Beauty Ball Drag Extravaganza

– love yourself


SNOE Beauty is a cosmetic brand that offers “tools that we need to be Fine and Fab” -they have a wide range of skincare and beauty products that comes in unique and colorful packagings. Last August 22, 2019 Snoe hosted their Drag-Themed Beauty Ball held at Revel at the Palace, BGC and I’m so glad to be able to receive an invite because it was such a fun party! Watch my short clip of the event here. 


Guests were encouraged to come in their full drag outfit or semi-formal attire. Since I was pressed for time, I just look for something black and shimmery in my closet (and a little bit sexy *wink) and bought a wig at the nearest mall in my house. I know! I looked more of a cos-player rather than a drag queen haha! But I’m kinda hooked with my purple mane. 

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My very own Lip and Cheek Makeup by Ellana Minerals

– because anything customized is FUN!

IMG_3262 What if you will be given a chance to create your own makeup product in terms of shade, shimmer, scent and skincare ingredient? That would be awesome right? Thanks to Ellana Minerals, this fantasy of mine came true and it was a real fun experience! Definitely one for the books!

It all started when Ellana Minerals through Project Vanity sent invites to everyone who are interested to participate in their Lab2Love Custom Color Lip Drunk Blush Event where I was one of the lucky registrants who were selected. It happened last August 14 but Luna (@sparklesandnargles) and I cannot post about the details yet until today. 


Let me show you guys how I did my own lip and cheek makeup.

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3CE Take A Layer Tinted Water Tint in Fig Pink Review



I literally got obsessed with the 3CE Take A Layer Multipot guys, in fact I bought another one in the shade Holly Hock and I’m currently loving it as well. This time, I thought of trying the lip tint version from the range called the Take A Layer Tinted Water Tint in the shade Fig Pink (retails for P550.00 and up). It is obviously a water type of tint that promises to provide high pigment content and vivid colors the lips. It is also said to be easily absorbed by the lips and makes them moisturized. Read on to know if this claims are true. 


Starting off with the packaging, the box of the lip tint is exactly similar with that of the 3CE Take A Layer Multipot, the shade name was both printed on the box and actual packaging of the tint. The tube is made out of clear plastic that looks like a glass at first with a twist-able cap in shiny gold color where the applicator is attached to. 

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