3CE Take A Layer Tinted Water Tint in Fig Pink Review



I literally got obsessed with the 3CE Take A Layer Multipot guys, in fact I bought another one in the shade Holly Hock and I’m currently loving it as well. This time, I thought of trying the lip tint version from the range called the Take A Layer Tinted Water Tint in the shade Fig Pink (retails for P550.00 and up). It is obviously a water type of tint that promises to provide high pigment content and vivid colors the lips. It is also said to be easily absorbed by the lips and makes them moisturized. Read on to know if this claims are true. 


Starting off with the packaging, the box of the lip tint is exactly similar with that of the 3CE Take A Layer Multipot, the shade name was both printed on the box and actual packaging of the tint. The tube is made out of clear plastic that looks like a glass at first with a twist-able cap in shiny gold color where the applicator is attached to. 


The applicator is a doe-foot one with a soft and flat brush which I found really nice and helpful because it helps me to apply the tint neatly on the lips. As you can tell from the photos below, the rim of the tube is made out of rubber so as to prevent the tint from leaking out and ruining your makeup bag or your purse (OMG! we don’t want that to happen). I have been carrying this tint on my makeup bag for more than a month now and so far I encountered no spilling accident. 


The Take A Layer Tinted Water Tint is available in five shades namely; Inside Mauve (the deepest red shade), Spicy Red, Iron Red, Most Orange and Fig Pink. Though the shade clearly mentioned “pink” the actual color is still on a reddish tone but a whole lot lighter as compared with Inside Mauve, Spicy Red and Iron Red. The pink hue only becomes noticeable as the tint started to fade a bit. 


* the different lighting where I was in, affected the color representation of the shade, the one closest to the actual shade is the swatch above*

Freshly applied tint (7AM)

Is the tint really pigmented? YES Absolutely! Trust me, you don’t want any of the product to spill on the top you are wearing or inside your purse because the color pay-off is really intense.  I love that it’s not patchy, lightweight and glides on the lips really well, the doe-foot applicator is indeed a great help. 

Is the tint moisturizing? Not really. Well yes, my lips appears to be moisturized for good two hours after application but it doesn’t stayed that way for long. Though it doesn’t makes my lips dry either. 

After 7 Hours (2PM) – Right after eating sizzling stuffed squid, rice and soup for lunch

Does it cling to dry patches? In my case, YES. As you can tell on the photo above, some of the pigment already settled on the inner part of my top lip and clung onto the dry patches of my lower lip. Please do note that it only started to be like that, 7 hours after I applied the tint and my lips are naturally dry and patchy. So, If you have lips with the same condition as mine, exfoliate regularly and always apply lip balm or lip moisturizer before using this particular tint.

Is it transfer proof? When its fully set on the lips, YES! It doesn’t transfer. 

Notable Ingredients: Glycol, Glycerin, Fruit and plant extracts such as: Sugarcane,  Orange, Lemon, Sugar Maple, Rosemary Leaf, Sunflower Seed Oil and more. 

VERDICT:  If I’m going to rate this 3CE Take A Layer Tinted Water Tint, its going to be 4.5/5. I love its packaging and applicator, I appreciate that its spill proof and could effortlessly provide a whole lot of pigmentation on the lips. It’s lightweight and looks good on the lips for 5 to 6 hours and leaves a stain once faded. Although it tends to settle and cling on dry patches, it instantly looks flawless after re-application and doesn’t makes the lips dry. If the actual shade is more on a pink-ier tone as what I expected from the shade name, it would be so much nicer for me. 

Are you a fan of water-based lip tints? Let me know 🙂


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