SNOE’s Beauty Ball Drag Extravaganza

– love yourself


SNOE Beauty is a cosmetic brand that offers “tools that we need to be Fine and Fab” -they have a wide range of skincare and beauty products that comes in unique and colorful packagings. Last August 22, 2019 Snoe hosted their Drag-Themed Beauty Ball held at Revel at the Palace, BGC and I’m so glad to be able to receive an invite because it was such a fun party! Watch my short clip of the event here. 


Guests were encouraged to come in their full drag outfit or semi-formal attire. Since I was pressed for time, I just look for something black and shimmery in my closet (and a little bit sexy *wink) and bought a wig at the nearest mall in my house. I know! I looked more of a cos-player rather than a drag queen haha! But I’m kinda hooked with my purple mane. 



It was really a fun-filled party, there were a variety of snacks and drinks and the ambiance was amazing! I missed my college days when we used to hangout at bars and chill with my friends. 


The music was great as well. All SNOE products were displayed at the second floor of the bar. There were makeup palettes, lip products, skincare stuff, hair products and more in their fun names and containers. 


I also met new people during the party which is always wonderful because we just usually see each other online. The girl in the first two photos is Ms. Hazel Anne Perez a beauty content creator who is very fun and edgy when it comes to fashion. 



The highlight of the event for me was the guests, mostly from the LGBTQ+ Community who came into the event in their full drag outfits and they were all amazing! You can instantly tell how much effort and creativity they had put on. The special performances were also exhilarating, the performers are certainly oozing with talents and flexibility (yup the word “flexibility” is literal, if you only saw how they danced and grooved) grabe!!!   



Another highlight of the party for me was the closing remarks delivered by Ms. Jen Diaz – CEO of SNOE Beauty Inc. She talks on how we should love, appreciate and take care of ourselves. He quoted what RuPaul used to say in his reality show, the Drag Race – “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell are you going to love somebody else?”


After leaving the venue, Snoe Beauty distributed loot bags to all of the guests containing some of their products. My loot includes: What’s Up Brow Tinted Eyebrow Pencil Wax, Rouge Deluxe Exotique Lipstick and Shake it Up Matte Astringent. 






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