All Covered by AC AirBlender Sponge in Bevelled Black Review

– finally found the perfect dupe!


The original beauty blender is the softest and porous makeup sponge that I have ever tried and it blends my makeup base seamlessly. There are some sponges being marketed as its dupe and I tried them out of curiosity but nah! they’re not even close.

Last February 2019, Ms. Anna Cay released her very first beauty product she called the AirBlender Sponges. She described these makeup tools as “light and ultra fluffy”. It was sold out minutes after it went up on Shopee! I  ordered one in Bevelled Black – priced at P288.00 (also available in bevelled pink and teadrop pink) along with her All Covered Skin Saver Tinted Sunscreen. 

PACKAGING The AirBlender sponge comes in a small white box with shiny gold design and prints on it, just nice and simple. It is sealed with a decal AC logo.  


THE AIRBLENDER SPONGE The Original Beauty Blender that I have is in color pink with a tear-drop shape. This time, I chose the airblender in bevelled because its black and for its round, pointed and flat sides. True enough, this blender is really, really soft and fluffy to the feel. It is also porous and expands when wet just like the original beauty blender. The airblender sponge is suggested to be use damp. 

Left – Dry ; Right – Damp

I use the round side of the sponge (sometimes the flat side too) to blend my foundation or any base makeup, its so soft … blending my foundation is always a jiffy. I just literally let it bounce on my skin and the finish is always on point. 

Round side

In applying powder on top of the foundation and cream blushes, the flat side of the sponge is really of great help. I just love how the products blends on my skin with no caking or clumping, just a smooth and nice finish with little to no effort. The tip or pointed part of the sponge is perfect for applying concealer and reaching the sides of the nose. 

Flat Side


Also like the original beauty blender, the airblender tends to soak up some liquid products but it doesn’t an issue for me really. I’m so into this sponge that I’m using it alternately with my beauty blender. Just remember to wash your makeup sponges after every use and replace them after three months. 


What makeup application tool is favorite? I would love to know. 


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