Black Scoop Cafe – Ayala Mall Cloverleaf

I must say that writing this blog right now is a bit torturing because I’m actually hungry! Haven’t eaten anything yet since 8:00 PM last night haha! Oh well, I know that its been months since I last posted a food blog but today I have a new one for you. Black Scoop Cafe has been popping out on malls and other public places lately. Last Saturday and Sunday …  yup! Ryan and I went there for two consecutive days to taste as much item from their menu as we can.

AMBIANCE Clearly the whole cafe screams COFFEE!!! Ryan and I totally love the place because its cozy, chill and relaxing. The interior designs are on point and I like that they have an outside seating area for us fur-parents. We actually brought Domo with us on the second day we visited. 

FOOD Obviously food is what we came here for so let’s take a look on some of the dishes that we tried and how my taste buds felt about them. Oh! but before I proceed, let me tell you that I did not tried any of their milk teas and sundaes because of my low-carb diet (LCIF) way of eating nowadays. 

First Visit
Second Visit

FRAPPE Mochaccino is a coffee-based frappe with a perfect blend of mocha and coffee  flavors with whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top. Ryan as being a coffee lover enjoyed it. It’s sweetness is what he exactly expect from his chosen preference of sugar level. 

Mochaccino Coffee Large – P160.00

FRUIT TEAS I have been staying away from milk teas lately that’s why I opted to try Black Scoop’s fruit teas instead. They were perfectly iced, refreshing and I couldn’t say anything bad about them. They were not too sweet either. 

Mixed Berries Fruit Tea Large – P105.00
House Special Brew Fruit Tea Large  – P105.00

DISHES Just by looking at these photos right now, I’m drooling!!! Okay so, what I love about this cafe aside from the ambiance and their wide selection of sundaes and drinks, is the presence of a food menu from snacks to pastas to rice meals. 

Buffalo Wings (Extra Spicy) 6 pcs. – P215.00

I’m a big fan of Buffalo Wings because they are crispy, tasty, spicy and I just love finger foods. I ordered my wings with an “extra spicy” flavor but it turned out to be not that spicy at all. I guess the cafe should work on this, I mean if you offered an extra spicy option might as well mean it right? I’m also wasn’t that happy about the mayo dip because it lacks a certain umami flavor which is suppose to make the whole buffalo eating experience worthwhile. But when it comes to the chicken itself, its crispy with its light batter and had a moist and tender meat.  

Taiwanese Chicken Poppers – P140.00

Another chicken dish that we tried is their  Taiwanese Chicken Poppers and I enjoyed munching on these bits of batter-coated chicken. It has a subtle kick of spice into it, the batter is just light, not oily and really crispy. The chicken meat inside was not dry and actually moist. Again not a fan of the mayo dip but the poppers were really good. 

Pork Longanisa – P200.00

If you’ll ask me what is my favorite dish from the Black Scoop Cafe, that would be their Pork Longanisa served with two sunny side up eggs, plain rice and slices of cucumbers and tomatoes. Ryan ordered it the first day we visited the cafe, I took a bite of the pork longanisa and I fell in love that’s why I ordered it on the second day that we dined. It’s really tasty, with just the right amount of sweetness (I’m more of a spicy person than a sweet tooth), tender and has less fat on it. It was really perfect with the egg (I love the runny yolk) and the rice — an all day breakfast perfection! TMI, Sunday is my cheat day so I ate that whole cup of rice. 

Bistek Tagalog (Tenderloin) – P250.00

Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the Bistek Tagalog (beef tenderloin) good thing it was Ryans’ haha! It was a bit dry for my liking, was short on the taste and not tender at all, I struggled a bit while trying to bite and chew it. I think it needs more improvement. 

Spam and Cheese Sandwhich – P175.00

You can never go wrong with a Spam and Cheese Sandwhich, its tasty as it is. The toast is soft with crispy edges while the spam was cooked nicely. I think there were three kinds of cheeses inside. The nachos that came with it was crispy and a perfect match with the sandwich. The cheese on top was also yummy!

VERDICT I think the Black Scoop Cafe is yet another perfect place to dine and chill into. The ambiance is great, staff are nice and the drinks and foods were served on their expected temps. There were hits and misses on the dishes that I have tried but over-all Ryan and I had a wonderful time in the cafe enjoying what was on our table. Will we come back? A sounding YES! I yet have to try their Spanish Sardines Pasta anyway, I hope its already available when we come back. 

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