So’Natural All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixx

– My current makeup fixx!


The All Day Tight Makeup Setting Fixx is one of So’ Natural’s famous products as it already won numerous awards in Korea (beauty category). Living in a tropical country like here in the Philippines, makeup setting products are a huge deal if you want your makeup to last all day. In today’s blog, I will be sharing with you my thoughts about this makeup setting fixx and if its worth our penny. 


CLAIM: A makeup setting product that preps the skin and locks in makeup for a lasting fresh look all day. It is recommended for all skin types. This product is suggested to be used in three ways: (1) Before makeup application to smoothen skin texture for better makeup adherance (2) After makeup application to let the makeup last throughout the day and (3) Before and After makeup to get the best of both worlds. Click this link to watch a short clip of me testing out the makeup fixx. 

NOTABLE INGREDIENTS: Lemon, Tea Tree and Centella Asiatica Extracts – love these good stuff! 


PACKAGING: The packaging is pretty in pink – what more can I say… its really pretty. I love that the actual spray is sturdy and tight. It produces a super fine “airy-mist” which is so refreshing and light to the skin. 

It has a super mild floral scent that I don’t love or hate, still not sure as of this writing. It also fades right away. 


LONGEVITY/FRESH EFFECT: I road tested the performance of the product last Tuesday and these are my observations… ( spoiler alert!: used it again last Wednesday, yesterday and I’m actually wearing it right now as I am writing this blog hihi!). 

(Skin Condition: dry *bit oily on the t-zone* and sensitive). For the sake of this review, I used a liquid foundation as my base because for some reason even if my face is not entirely oily, I used to oil up whenever I wear foundations no matter what brand it is from. So, I finished applying my makeup and using the makeup setting fixx at around 7:35 in the morning and headed towards work. 


Tadaaaa… after almost 11 hours, this is now my face. It is much more obvious in person but as you can hopefully tell, my base was still there as well as some of my blush and highlight. My brow makeup was at its 75% I guess, I mean I can still continue with my day with that brows. In terms of keeping my makeup to be still on point until the end of my usual day, I can say that the So’ Natural All Day Tight Makeup Fixx performed really well (though I have tried something better before).


But what I noticed and actually became shookt at was its oil-control capability. Wearing a liquid foundation for 11 long hours without feeling the need to blot was such relief for me. If I did not use the makeup fixx in this occasion, for sure my nose and forehead were already gleaming at this point. 


Another thing that I can also attest to is how fresh my face still was after a long day. I even asked my husband about his opinion and he said that I still looked nice and fresh – he doesn’t fool around whenever I’m on a blogger mode kundi lagot sya sakin hehe! 

VERDICT: Is the So’ Naturals All Day Tight Makeup Fixx worth the try? – YES! Absolutely. I can recommend it to girls/guys with sensitive skin as I did not experienced any allergic reactions or bad effects  – but of course it is always better to patch test first. I think it will also work nicely to girls/guys with oily skin type because of its oil-control capability. 


– PR Gifted (this review is not sponsored)

You can try and avail the All Day Tight Makeup Fixx at Beauty MNL for P711.00 and at SeoulUnni.Com for a marked down price of P700.00 (originally priced at P1,015.00).


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