Last Minute Christmas Gift Suggestions + Dainty Gift Wrapping Idea

– Tis the season of giving – 

Feelin’ the Christmas rush already? It’s literally just eight days until Christmas and you still haven’t completed your gift list? Well, fret not … here are some gift suggestions for your last minutes shopping and how I wrapped them with a little effort and lots of love.

What you’ll need: For this year, I went for a dainty gift wrapping style using Kraft Papers in Manila Paper Size (P10/pc.), Jute Strings (P75/60 yards) and Kraft scallop-shaped tags (75/60 pcs.). I ordered them from Shopee but you can also get them at Divisoria on a much cheaper price and at Craft Stores near you. Unfortunately these items are not available at the NBS brands that I visited.  

You will also be needing some greeting tags for that personal touch. I used ‘Rhonna Designs’ app in designing the tags I created and printed them on a sticker paper. You can also do yours using your computer or other downloadable designing apps in your smart phone. You will also be needing a pair of scissors, invisible/scotch tape, double-sided tape and a pen. Sticker paper is optional. 

These Shampoo Bars (P169) from Eco Love Philippines  in Rose Bonbon is my current favorite because it smells really, really nice as in I’m obsessed! It takes good care of my damage hair making it manageable and soft plus its pretty! I love it so much I bought eight more for my cousins and office mates. 

I wrapped the shampoo bars using the kraft paper and secure the top and bottom part using a tape (you can watch how to wrap cylindrical items here.) 

Next, I placed the scallop-shaped tag using double-sided tape and the greeting tag sticker on top of it. 

These fancy and unique Hand-Crafted Soaps also from Eco Love Philippines  are something that your Ninangs’ and Titas’ could appreciate. The Holly Berry (P169) smells like a perfect winter holiday. My house smells really good because of these soaps even after I wrapped them up.

For the boys, these Beer Soaps (P189) are perfect because they like to drink and become crazy right? Haha! Kidding aside, don’t you worry because these soaps still smells really nice, very far from that nasty smell of a hung over. Your male friends and cousins are going to love these. 

For the Titos’ the Charcoal Mint (P189) variant can be another option. Since this hand-crafted soap contains peppermint, they will feel relaxed and extra refreshed as they shower. 

The soaps are already easy to wrap because of their squared boxes. I just tied a jute string over it forming a bow and placed the tags before I made the final loop. None of these items are sponsored but Eco Love Philippines products are eco-friendly, made out of natural ingredients and smells really great. They are cheaper but equally good versions of LUSH. 

A Humidifier (P300) with Water Soluble Essential Oil (P200) can also be another perfect gift idea for your Mom and Titas’. You can easily find a lot of choices for these items at malls near you. 

Essentials Oils (P500/box of 6) are best given to our lolos’ and lola’s because they are known to provide comfort, relaxation and a good night sleep to the elderly. 

Of course the kiddos will never be left out. My nieces tends to snoop around whenever their moms and I are doing our makeup. They even pretend that they are indeed applying cosmetics on their faces, haha! they are so adorable! That’s why I thought of giving them these Toy Cosmetic Makeup Kit (P300). I chose identical versions para walang away haha! you know naman the kids … :p

I wrapped the toys just like the way I wrapped the shampoo bars and with jute strings and tags. These wrappings remind me so much of Harry Potter 🙂

Who doesn’t like to soothe tired muscles? Perfect for everyone are these Infrared Body Hammer Massagers (P315). I purchased these bunch from Lazada but I think these are also available at the malls, though on a much higher price point. 

I personally tried one of these massagers and it works really well. It has a power adjuster allowing you to choose your desired intensity. Its hammer-shaped so that you can reach your back and leg areas.

You can never go wrong with chocolates especially for your sweet-toothed friends and loved ones, let them indulge 🙂

For your most valued person, in my case my Nanay, a smart phone is always a SMART choice! 😉 

So there you go, these are some of the presents that I prepared for the special people in my life. You still have time to prepare yours and I hope this blog would be of help.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! #jesusandthecross 🙂


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