Katherine’s Cafe Review

– Comfort food of the North – 

Katherine’s Cafe is hard not to notice because of its bright and instagram-able aesthetic. Everytime me and my friends are at Ayala Vertis North and happened to pass by at this Cafe, we always say that we should dine in there next. Last Saturday we finally tasted their comfort food and let me tell you my thoughts. 

This cafe is always packed with diners and though the whole place is a bit small and can be congested during peak hours, the homey ambiance is undeniable. The interior designs and the furnishings contributed to that home-like vibe. 

I find this paper placemat really cool! This was one of the phrases that we usually heard from our grandparents and parents at the dining table when we were just little kids, blissfully unaware of the existence of table manners. What’s important is that we are enjoying our meal no matter how gross we may look haha! ;p

Now, let us proceed with the food and start with the appetizer. 

Spinach Cream Cheese Dip – P248.00

This appetizer is baked spinach, mozzarella cheese and garlic served with toasted baguette chips – and this was so great, we loved it! I’m still craving for it as of this writing yum! The spinach were soft and creamy and goes really well with the cheese. You will not get easily fed up with the creaminess of the entire dish because of the garlic which balances the overall flavors. 

Chicken and Pork Adobo – P288.00

You can never go wrong with a Chicken and Pork Adobo, even foreigners love this Filipino dish. The chicken and pork meats were tender and tasty. The sauce was nice and flavorful while the soft-boiled egg added more texture. Its definitely one of every Pinoy’s comfort food and Katherine’s Cafe’s take on it was very traditional, it was really good.

Vigan Longganisa – P328.00

A better version of longsilog. The Vigan longganisa was served with sunny side-up egg (you can request it to be scrambled if you like – they made it really fluffy ;)), garlic rice and atchara (pickled vegetables). The Vigan longganisa was cooked nicely and juicy but I found myself looking for more garlic bits. But the rice, omg! it was so full of garlic. I love eating rice, well most of us are but I’m really particular or should I say meticulous when it comes to rice. For me a garlic rice should be full of garlic – this literal and I’m happy it was what on my plate. Over-all a sumptuous meal.  

Sun-dried Tomato and Seafood Pasta – P398.00

Unfortunately the Sun-dried Tomato and Seafood Pasta just did not spoke to me. Though the pasta was cooked al dente’, it lacked flavor and generally bland. The shrimps and clams were okay but the squid was too dry. I felt disappointed and kind of expected more for its price. This particular dish definitely needs improvement. 

Shrimp Popcorn – P318.00

Battered shrimp popcorns with buffalo aioli and crispy garlic served with honey butter and mayo dip. This is also another appetizer that you can try at Katherine’s cafe. I like that the shrimp was just coated with a light batter and served while it still hot. Not a fan of the honey butter dip because the sourness was overpowering for me, good thing there was another dip available. 

We also ordered Spam and Egg with rice for the Kid. See that nearly-empty plate? That’s his! It was obvious that he liked his meal because he finished eating first and started munching on the shrimp popcorns 😀

Overall, we had a wonderful dining experience at Katherine’s Cafe. There are still so much from their menu that we would like to try next including their waffle and chicken and pot pies. The cafe also have baked goods that you can order to go. 

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