Pureprep Trio Launch by Face Republic

– #skincareresolutions 

Who is that Oppa beside me? Ladies and Gents, he is Mr. Yohan Kim aka the “Big Boss” – the CEO of the Korean brand Face Republic. Last weekend, the brand launched the PUREPREP TRIO consists of three skincare products without any alcohol, paraben, benzophenone, chlorphenesin or fragrance. All of the products can cater all skin types, including sensitive ones. 

But before I introduce each of the products, let me just share how clean and instagram-worthy the Face Republic HQ was during the 2-day launch. Mr. Kim was very accommodating and really took his time talking and checking what everybody was doing. He made sure that everyone was having a great time. The staff were really nice too which added to the entirely fresh vibe of the place. 

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d’Alba Piedmont UV Essence Waterfull+ Sun Cream Review

lightweight • moisturizing • multi-functional

IMG_2648 2

What are the basic requirements that I’m always looking for in a sun protection product? Well, it has to be: 

  • gentle on the skin
  • provides a broad spectrum sun protection  
  • packed with skin loving ingredients, especially provides hydration 
  • lightweight
  • non-sticky
  • can be worn under makeup without leaving a white cast

Let us see if the the UV Essence Waterfull+ Sun Cream from the Korean brand d’Alba Piedmont satisfies these standards and if it is true to its claims. But before we jump into it, let me first tell you how nice and simple the packaging is. Its clean and simple with a size that can fit even on a small purse. 

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Gratitude Post: Looking Back at 2019


I have to say … I had a blast! 2019 has been a great year for me and for that, I’m beyond grateful. For the past year, I met some of the amazing, credible and dedicated people in the beauty community. These are the people that inspires me to follow my passion … to share and express my thoughts through blogging. Thank you guys! 

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I also had the chance to work with brands that were not imposing or limiting, but rather confident and brilliant. Being sent with PR packages in exchange of my honest opinions and being invited to launches and events, felt really good and rewarding. To the people behind these brands … Thank you! 

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