Pureprep Trio Launch by Face Republic

– #skincareresolutions 

Who is that Oppa beside me? Ladies and Gents, he is Mr. Yohan Kim aka the “Big Boss” – the CEO of the Korean brand Face Republic. Last weekend, the brand launched the PUREPREP TRIO consists of three skincare products without any alcohol, paraben, benzophenone, chlorphenesin or fragrance. All of the products can cater all skin types, including sensitive ones. 

But before I introduce each of the products, let me just share how clean and instagram-worthy the Face Republic HQ was during the 2-day launch. Mr. Kim was very accommodating and really took his time talking and checking what everybody was doing. He made sure that everyone was having a great time. The staff were really nice too which added to the entirely fresh vibe of the place. 

There were three aesthetically-looking rooms where we took photos of the products, did some selfies over multiple mirrors and had our skin checked by an expert. There were also these photo walls and..

another wall where some freely wrote and display their 2020 resolutions in terms of skincare, cool right?

I have heard that during the formulation of the PUREPREP Trio, the Face Republic Team consulted some beauty influencers and Dermatologists to discuss the things that they are looking for in a skincare product. I think that it was a really great gesture because it just showed how concerned the brand is when it comes to the preference of their consumers. 

MILD CLEANSING WATER (P299.00) A gentle cleanser formulated ‘clean’, this mild cleansing water prep your skin by clearing it of make-up, dirt, and excess oils on your cleaning or double cleansing routine. Click here for my IG Review

AHA/BHA TONER (P499.00) Skin-clearing toner that gently strips away dull and rough skin, preps your skin by giving it that extra TLC on those bad days. Click here for my IG Review 

PH-BALANCING TONER (P399.00) An after-cleansing must-have for dry, oily and senstive skin, this Ph-Balancing Toner preps your skin by restoring its natural balance without stripping away its natural oils.

I’m currently testing out these products and will be sharing with you my thoughts soon 😉 The Pureprep Trio is now available at Face Republic’s official store in Lazada and Shopee. 

Stay Awesome Guys! 

With Nikki @girlbehind_glasses and Momo @yourporeguy


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