D’Alba Piedmont Back to Days Clean Balm Review

– a cleansing balm like never before 

There is no such thing as a “tough to remove” makeup with the use of a cleansing balm and that’s the reason why I’m such a huge fan of it. Usually these type of balms are housed in a jar with a scoop or spatula to keep the remaining product untouched and clean. But this Back to Days Clean Balm from D’Alba is even more hygienic to use without requiring any scooping tool and a whole lot lighter and travel friendly. 

A simpler and Hygienic Cleansing Balm Using a retinol-type applicator, it is more hygienic than other cleanser products such as existing jar-type products.

The balm’s applicator is what makes it unique among other cleansing balms. You can be assured the the products are safe from contamination because what’s going to be exposed is just the portion that you are going to consume. It’s slim packaging makes it easy to bring around plus its a squeezy tube which is always nice.

All in One Cleanser With powerful cleansing power, it is possible to cleanse makeup at once

Agree. The balm definitely is powerful enough to remove all the makeup off the face including dirts and excess oils by lightly massaging it ideally in a circular motion all over, concentrating more on the areas with heavy or waterproof makeup. The balm is really easy to work with, it felt gentle on the skin and you don’t really need to use much product. 

Excellent Sebum Absorption and Pore Management Gold Clay absorbs sebum and dead skin to keep your skin fresh. The balm removes waste from pores through emulsion action

Another thing that makes this cleansing balm different from the usual is its golden/dark yellow color. 

These photos were taken after I’m done cleaning/massaging my face with the balm. As you can tell, the product already emulsified and makes my skin looking shiny, plump, soft and clean. 

Washing the face with water took me a tad longer that when I’m working with cleansing soaps or foams. It is however usual for cleansing balms. 

Anti-Aging Black rice extract contains large amount of antioxidant anthocyanin to prevent skin aging

Aside from Gold Clay which is known to be good when it comes in preventing skin aging and detoxifying the skin at the same time, the balm also has Black Rice Extracts which also provides the same skincare benefits. 

This is my face after my final rinse … makeup and sebum free because of the cleansing balm. I just don’t know if its because of the cold weather right now in the Philippines (which always makes my skin drier than usual) but I think that my skin is craving from more moisture after using the balm. Anyway, whatever the reason may be, a hydrating toner and a moisturizer can always come to the rescue. 

All in all, I think that the D’Alba Back to Days Clean Balm really brought the cleansing balm game into a more higher level in terms of convenience of use because it is more hygienic, easy to use and bring along. Its gold/dark yellow color also makes it different plus it smells great as well. Love it! 

You can find this product at Online Shops such as StyleKorean and YesStyle price ranges from P800.00 to P820.00 (16 USD to 16.4 USD). You can also try checking in at your trusted local Shopee stores.

– PR Gifted *not sponsored post 

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