SUNGLOW by Fresh First Impression Review + Wear Test

– “better days ahead” 

How are you guys holding up with the ongoing enhanced community quarantine? Stress and negativity is inevitable nowadays but we should not only take good care of our physical health but our mental and spiritual health as well. While feeding our mind with facts about COVID-19 and keeping ourselves updated with this health crisis, don’t forget to also breathe and be calm. Being pre-occupied with other things may greatly reduce our worries and fear. Remember, “a healthy mind can lead you to a healthy body”.

So just for a little diversion, I recently uploaded a post in my Youtube channel about the Sunglow Skincare Line from Fresh Philippines, in collaboration with Ms. Mae Layug and Ms. Rei Germar. The line comprises of sun protection products in vibrant colors that will help brighten your eyes and put a smile on your faces. Click this link for the video. 

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