I waxed my underarm for the first time!

– officially a stripper! 

Don’t take the “stripper” thing seriously though LOL! One of the things that the #ecqmademedo is to got rid of my underarm hair using cold wax. I used the honey flavored cold wax from the brand Esme Organics. But before I dived into it, these are the things that revolved on my mind … (1) Does waxing successfully removes hair? (2) Is it painful? (3) Will I bleed? (4) What’s better, hot or cold wax? (5) Can I do it all by myself? (6) Will the hair grow back much slower? Yes! I’m this skeptical at first. So if you’re planning to try cold waxing and have the same questions on your mind, this blog will be of help to you. 

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