Nacific Calendula Real Floral Toner Review

Calendula or marigold is considered a medicinal plant because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and healing properties. It’s extract hydrates, nourishes and makes the skin firm. Also, did you know that it’s flower is actually edible?! Don’t be amazed though as I learned this fact just recently :p So don’t be surprise if you found calendula petals on your salad, soup or stew.

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Liquid Shots – Supplement for the Skin

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed in taking care of my skin and that explains the tons of skincare products that have in my stash. While watching one of Anna Cay’s vlogs, I saw her talking about a beauty supplement called liquid shots by the local brand Luxe Organix. It made me think that I should also start taking care of my skin not just from the outside but also from within.

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Comfy Inner Lounge Wear

It’s absolutely true that since the pandemic started, the least piece of clothing that women wear is a bra or brassier – it is so much comfortable without them, right girls? However, I can’t always stay bra-less because I’m attending zoom meetings for work – – – enter sport’s bras’ and bralettes.

Because of the hot weather here in the Philippines, I mostly use non-padded bralettes such as these ones. Because the fabric is so stretchy and soft, it brings so much comfort on my body. During meetings, of course I wear a semi-formal top over it. But when the camera goes off, I change into a thin tank top because I don’t want to catch stomach cramps naman due to exposed tummy :p I usually pair it with a yoga or a flowy pair of shorts.

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