Comfy Inner Lounge Wear

It’s absolutely true that since the pandemic started, the least piece of clothing that women wear is a bra or brassier – it is so much comfortable without them, right girls? However, I can’t always stay bra-less because I’m attending zoom meetings for work – – – enter sport’s bras’ and bralettes.

Because of the hot weather here in the Philippines, I mostly use non-padded bralettes such as these ones. Because the fabric is so stretchy and soft, it brings so much comfort on my body. During meetings, of course I wear a semi-formal top over it. But when the camera goes off, I change into a thin tank top because I don’t want to catch stomach cramps naman due to exposed tummy :p I usually pair it with a yoga or a flowy pair of shorts.

Calvin Klein from Landers and US outlet store

Whenever the weather becomes colder like today as I’m writing this blog, I opt to wear padded bralettes or sport’s bras. Again, they are really comfortable to wear paired with a soft, flowy pair of shorts.

Left to Right: Lazada, All Star, Cotton On, Calvin Klein

This white sport’s bra is one my favorites because it is much longer that it almost covers half of my tummy. I usually wear it with a high-waisted pair of shorts of soft material and they are my lounge wear or pambahay already, no need for a tank top over it.

Buttery Project on Instagram

Before the pandemic started, my sleep wear functions as my lounge wear already because I spent most of my days in the office and it’s already evening when I got home. A couple of months back, my bralettes and sport’s bras’ becomes more usable and became my everyday lounge wear.

How about you guys, how do you keep yourself comfortable at home?

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