Nacific Calendula Real Floral Toner Review

Calendula or marigold is considered a medicinal plant because of its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant and healing properties. It’s extract hydrates, nourishes and makes the skin firm. Also, did you know that it’s flower is actually edible?! Don’t be amazed though as I learned this fact just recently :p So don’t be surprise if you found calendula petals on your salad, soup or stew.

August of this year is when I opened the 6.08 fluid ounce/80 ml bottle of the Nacific’s (short for Natural Pacific) Floral Toner with real calendula petals. Fast forward this October, I only have less of a quarter of it left because I have been using it frequently.

I had it around January last year but did not used it right away because I still have a number of opened toners during that time. When it was still very new, the color of the calendula petals are much intense-yellow but now they faded a bit – don’t worry though as the toner is far from being expired.

Reasons why I like it:

  • The packaging is a sleek, plastic transparent bottle with just a plain straight-forward design. There is actually a blank space where you can indicate the date when you first opened the bottle, very nice for tracking the expiration.
  • There is a generous amount of calendula petals in the toner and I love turning the bottle upside down and shake it to see the petals swirl – is that weird? haha! – (baka kaya nag fade yung color ng petals eh :D).
  • It has a very subtle scent that I cannot exactly describe but I assure you, it’s nice.
  • The consistency of the toner literally feels and looks like water. It is so light and absorbs by my skin real fast.
  • Aside from calendula, it also contains centella asiatica extracts.
  • Find this toner hydrating and makes my skin feeling fresh every time I use it. Of course, it also does the job of removing excess dirt and residue on my face.


Any product that makes my skin hydrated, nourished and is sensitive skin friendly is always a … YES Ma’am! This toner is a no-brainer for me, like my hand automatically reached for it knowing that its easy to use, can be absorbed by my skin in a snap without waiting for a minute or so before I apply the next product on my face. I apply it two ways: (1) pouring some on my hands and apply it directly on my face while slightly pressing it in and (2) using a cotton pad – which I do more often.

January 2019

Where to get it and how much

Got mine from Althea Philippines for P870.00. It is also available at Beauty MNL, YesStyle, StyleKorean and other online shops.

Do you have a current favorite toner? I’ll appreciate if you share what it is 🙂

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