Dr. Sensitive Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Pimple Relief Serum Review

Dr. Sensitive Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Pimple Relief Serum is as lightweight serum that helps soothe and relieves pimples. For skin trouble and blemish care.

During one of my rare visits to Watsons nowadays, I came across Dr. Sensitive products in trial/travel packs (10ml) and I picked the Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Pimple Relief Serum. I don’t usually have too many pimples but months back due to some factors, I’ve been having 2-3 pimples at the same time situated in one particular part of my face. They looked really red and bothering. It became frequent that I started to worry. This was the reason why I grabbed this serum off the rack thinking and hoping that it might help before I consult with a Dermatologist online.

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4 Current Favorite Body Bath Products

Back from the old normal, the usual scenario of a weekday morning is Me rushing to bathe and groom myself so I won’t be late for work. Since the pandemic, work from home became my setup and one of its perks is the time I save from commuting and getting ready to go out. This also means more ME TIME! It is safe to say that I have been enjoying cleaning up and pampering myself in the shower NOW after a long while.

To even make bath time more enjoyable, nice bath products are essential. Let me share with you my current favorite bath products with skin-loving ingredients.

  1. Luxe Organix Niacinamide Brightening Cloud Soap (P149.00)
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