4 Current Favorite Body Bath Products

Back from the old normal, the usual scenario of a weekday morning is Me rushing to bathe and groom myself so I won’t be late for work. Since the pandemic, work from home became my setup and one of its perks is the time I save from commuting and getting ready to go out. This also means more ME TIME! It is safe to say that I have been enjoying cleaning up and pampering myself in the shower NOW after a long while.

To even make bath time more enjoyable, nice bath products are essential. Let me share with you my current favorite bath products with skin-loving ingredients.

  1. Luxe Organix Niacinamide Brightening Cloud Soap (P149.00)

Helps brighten and lighten the skin from hyperpigmentation caused by UV damage. Reduce dark spots caused by acne. Adds moisture to the skin, reduces wrinkles and keep the skin supple and elastic.

for the face and body / alcohol, paraben and cruelty free

This product comes with a foaming net and by just slightly moistening the soap inside it with a little rubbing, a creamy-rich lather is produced. The scent has notes of rose which is not overpowering. After a month of using this soap, I found it to be moisturizing and gentle on the skin. As to the brightening effect, I couldn’t see much of a difference in a months time but it is noticeable that my skin becomes smooth after every bath.

TIP: (1) Tear-open the packaging nicely and keep it as it can be re-use to store the soap and bring it when you travel (2) Store the soap inside the net and hang it somewhere in your bathroom, that way it will not melt.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Niacinamide, Vitamin C, Galactomyces, Shea Butter.

2. Olay Body Wash B3+ Hyaluronic Acid (500 ml/P296.00)

Nourishing body wash for bouncy and radiant skin.

Just by hearing “hyaluronic acid” and I’m sold! Last July, Olay Philippines officially launched their Creme Body Washes. Having dry skin, I need unlimited supply of HA in my life that is why this is my favorite out of the three variants. It has a subtle refreshing scent. Super foamy and creamy once mingled with a wet loofah. I love how it makes my skin hydrated, dewy and fragrant every time I come out of the shower.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid.

3. Olay Body Wash B3+ Peptides (500 ml/P296.00)

Nourishing body wash for firm and radiant skin.

Peptides are building blocks of protein such as collagen and keratin and we already have them naturally in our body like Hyaluronic Acid. If boosted, peptides helps the skin to be firm, radiant and smooth. Just like the HA variant, this body wash makes a rich foam and smells nicely – this one smells fruity but still subtle. Unlike the other two variants, this has a yellow-ish color. It’s rich, gentle and does not leave the skin feeling dry. The beautiful packaging is also a PLUS.

KEY INGREDIENTS: Niacinamide and Peptides.

4. Safeguard Micellar Face and Body Cleansers in Coconut and Peach (400 ml/P199.00)

As gentle as fresh water. Provides 99.9% germ protection.

for the face and body / alcohol, paraben and cruelty free

This anti-bacterial body wash comes in three variants but the coconut and peach one is my favorite because of its fresh scent. Aside from it being with germ protection, it also contains micelles which gently cleanses the skin and tones it at the same time.

Like the previous body washes / soap that I mentioned, it is non-drying but instead moisturizing. It foams really well and gentle on my sensitive skin.

UNIQUE FEATURE: Anti-bacterial with Micellar Technology.

I really take my time in the bathroom nowadays and enjoy nourishing my body. Pampering yourself is one of the many ways on how you may show some love to thy self.

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