Hello 2021! Revisiting 2020 Short Term Goals during the Pandemic

– Cheers! and praying for a much better year ahead!

It’s 10:26 in the morning of January 1, 2021. Just woke up from a night and early morning celebration of the new year. As I opened my eyes, I wondered “what the heck happened to the short term goals that I set for myself last year?”. Let me do a quick rewind: Jan 4, 2020 – while browsing on facebook, I saw this random photo and told to myself “I should do all the things on the list this year” obviously not knowing that Covid-19 would hit us hard at that time . I was so excited, I even shared it on my Instagram story pala!

Fast forward: So, I grabbed my phone, checked the gallery and turned back the time in my mind as I browse the photos that I captured and videos I recorded. Here’s what I found ….

Drinking sufficient amount of water in a day – it’s natural, essential and effortless … TO SOME, NOT TO ME. As weird as it may sound, I feel like I’m suffocating whenever I drink water constantly. In all fairness, I don’t fancy consuming soda’s or juices as well. BUT since water is really important for the health, I trained myself last year to drink half and half (half chilled, half room temp) during the recommended times of the day. Not only that I got used to it until now, my migraine attacks dramatically lessened the entire year. Its really amazing. My system also learned to appreciate tea over coffee in the morning. BREAK A BAD HABIT – Checked.

Since March 2020, I stopped going to the office and work from home instead in reduced working days. This set-up has its sets of PROS and CONS but one of the things that I love about it is the extra time that I have. I was into home decorating stuff and if feels good and therapeutic pala. I started taking care of indoor plants, acquiring home decorative stuff, kitchen and dining wares little by little, hi Lazada and Shopee hahaha!

some of the things that I acquired within the past year

I enjoyed decorating the house, arranging dried flowers, setting up the table, organizing the bathroom etcetera. In my own level, I think I acquired the skill in beatifying our home and making it cozy to live at. The husband appreciated the effort din which makes me happier. LEARN A NEW SKILL – Checked.

When the pandemic started to get serious and horrifying, I dedicated a folder in my Instagram stories “extra mile” where I shared means and ways to extend assistance to those who are directly affected such as Covid-19 patients and front-liners. In my own little way, I also shared the donations I placed not to brag but to inspire others to offer their help as well. This effort was not for the sake of just ticking the thing off my list but simply because it is necessary. Nobody see this pandemic coming and hitting even first world countries really hard. DO A GOOD DEED – Checked.

On the third week of January, Ryan and I went back to Cebu City for the third time but it was just are first time to visit and enjoy the famous Kawasan falls where the water is beautiful and the falls are breathtaking. We also did a little trekking going up. We are also supposed to go back to Aklan and Boracay the past year but we all know what happened. Still, we considered ourselves lucky for making it out of town once this year because others had to cancel their flights and bookings. VISIT A NEW PLACE – Checked.

Others might say that one couldn’t possibly settle or consider positivism all the time, its a case to case basis they might add, but for me there is certainly nothing wrong with that. What if a simple act of positivity is the only thing that uplifts the spirit of an individual who is in the verge of hopelessness because he is enduring a huge impact of the pandemic in his life? Anxiety from the pandemic with too much scrutiny and hate for the government, sometimes too disrespectful and what would that leave us?

Other things that I shared in my “extra mile” Instagram stories are bits of positivity and the importance of mental health in this bad times. I think sharing my thoughts about this pressing matters is the most important thing that I “wrote” / shared the past year and using my platform in sending the message across. Sorry, biglang naging serious ng very light haha! WRITE SOMETHING IMPORTANT – Checked.

these food shots and more are posted at @chichi.eatsss on Instagram

I definitely gained weight the past year my gosh! All I did was to work, netflix and eat at home, I mean how could I not (insert sweating emoji). TRY NEW FOOD is not a challenge for me because I’m a foodie with an indiscriminative palette since I was young. I tried so many dishes in 2020 but my favorite ones are the Korean Cream Cheese Garlic Bread freshly baked by a friend’s mom and my first ever taste of a complete Indian dish which are beef biryani and hummus with pita bread – the flavors and spices were amazing. TRY NEW FOOD – Checked.

It’s as if the eruption of Taal Volcano and Covid-19 outbreak were not enough, 2020 was also hit by strong typhoons namely Rolly and Ulysses that devastated so many Filipino’s in Cagayan, Rizal and neighboring provinces. Ryan and I contributed with what little extra money we had and curated kits of basic little stuff such as all purpose ointments, paracetamols, loperamides, some plasters and cotton buds. We sent these out for donation to the victims of Ulysses in Cagayan. Again, this is not to brag but to simply inspire. What I learned from my parents is that its always better to send help rather than to be the one in need of assistance. DO SOMETHING GOOD TO SOMEONE WHO CANNOT THANK YOU – Checked.

a tattoo version of my poodle baby – DOMO

This might not be too much of an “important risky thing” to do but I finally had a tattoo last year. I have been wanting to get one since forever but it was not allowed at school and I’m not sure if its allowed in my work right now – I guess that’s the risk I will take once we resume office work hehe. Anyway, I strategically had it placed on my arm where it can be covered by the strap of my watch. TAKE AN IMPORTANT RISK – Checked.

The only thing that I was not able to do in the list is TO READ A DIFFICULT BOOK – this will be carried over na lang this year.

Year 2020 was really something! But hey! We Survived! Let us pray for a much better 2021! God will surely provide for us! Cheers!

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