DIY Coffee Corner and Coffee Stuff Haul

OMG! I missed blogging so much! Couldn’t believe that six months had passed already. BUT, I’m back! 🙂

So, one of the things that I have been doing on my free time is watching Tiktok videos. At first, I did not appreciated this media app pero its FUN pala! Aside from its entertainment value, videos uploaded there are also very informative and inspiring.

I’m about to write, enough of Tiktok haha! – but what I’m about to share to you is a Tiktok budol a.k.a what Tiktok made me buy and do. To cut the story short, I just made a do it yourself coffee corner at home, dahil sa kakapanuod ko ng coffee videos.

Kindly click the link above so you may be directed to the video I prepared showing my recommended coffee espresso machine as well as the coffee-related stuff that I got with coffee and condiments of course. The shops where I buy all of the stuff is in the information box, the good thing is … they are all affordable!

To all the coffee lovers here, hope to be of help. Stay Safe guys!

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