Serum Empties

Recent empties are these serums whose main ingredient is Niacinamide. Love them all up to the last drop and definitely on the list of items that I’m going to repurchase.

Nice things in common:
Sensitive-skin friendly, light-textured, easily absorbed by the skin, hydrates and leaves the skin moisturized both in a humidor and air-conditioned room.

Unique things:

  1. AHC Peony Bright Luminous Serum – most creamy out of the tree but still light on the skin. Often use this during the day, underneath makeup. It just gives this subtle glow. What I emptied is just the 5ML pump, its full size is in a 40 ml bottle that cost around P1,400
  2. Good Molecules Niacinamide Serum – my buddy during nightly skincare routine. It’s the most watery out of the other serums but still hydrating. It doesn’t smell like anything so it’s just like water. (P480)
  3. Lana DNA Repair Elixir – love how this smells the most. It has this powdery scent that uplifts my mood every time I use it. This is another serum that I use during the day, mostly when I don’t have makeup on. Out of the three, this one has a slight tackiness to it that’s not bothering at all. (P549)

My “minimal-buy” for skincare items is surely paying off because it allows me to finish all of my opened items and appreciate them more.

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