Life Update: It’s Okay Not To Be Okay!

Life Update that no one asked for 😜#triggerwarning 🌈

☔️I couldn’t put into words what hardships our family (hub’s family) faced from late last year until last month. During the same period, there were also a lot of changes that occurred in my working environment which included bidding farewell to a few close friends and leaving a particular space I’m at for 10 years.

All of these took a toll on my mental health. Thus, I felt unmotivated and anxious … almost on the verge of depression. I tried my very best to post content once in a while, just to feel normal, but it was such a struggle.

🌈 BUT! as they say, there’s always a rainbow after the rain. Thanks, G! 🤍 Now the family is gradually getting back to normal and moving forward together. As for me, I think I’m at 90% on the adjustment scale and continually coping with my new work set-up and overall environment.

👍🏻It’s really, OKAY not to be Okay! Sometimes, we just have to go through the process, endure everything, and eventually, all will pass, we just have to pray and be ready to move forward 🤍

Looking forward to being active again in posting and sharing content on the social media platforms I’m at. 🤗

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