Chuchu Beauty Lipstack in Peach My Day

I couldn’t remember a single lipstick bullet that I emptied up to its core. This may happen if you have more lip products than an average person has, inaabutan na minsan ng expiration and I’m not proud of it.

Anyway, when I saw the Chuchu Beauty Lipstacks first thing that came to my mind was “it’s cute” second was “I think I’m gonna finish them all this time”.

For just P299.00, you will get this 4-in-1 stackable lip tower that basically looks like a pen. It has a cap and you can clip it on your shirt or pocket, though I don’t think I’m gonna do that hehe … But!! It’s freakin adorable and fun. It’s compact, travel friendly and good for everday wear.

Its availabe in three variants: Peach My Day, Rose My Day and Coco My Day.

Here are the hand and lip swatches for the Peach My Day variant.

Do note that the color pay-off may slightly vary based on the natural color of our lips.

The three lipsticks are all pigmented and I love that the bottom stack is actually a lip balm. Second thing to note, the lipsticks are not long-lasting so you have to re-apply, they are also not transfer proof but they are non-drying and I actually find them to be moisturizing. The finish is semi-matte.

2 thoughts on “Chuchu Beauty Lipstack in Peach My Day

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  1. I am guilty of having a lot of lipsticks in different colors tapos nae-expire lang. Mostly mga bigay lang din. Nakakahinayang. Love neutral peach color 🙂


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