What we ate at Din Tai Fung?

It’s been a really long while since I posted a food-related content in this blog so here you go … Are you craving for something Chinese?

If you’re on Tiktok, it would be impossible that you haven’t encountered a video featuring Din Tai Fung in your fyp’s. Even before it becomes viral, there were usually lines of people outside this restaurant waiting to be seated. We and my friends (seven adults and a kid) dined from their SM Megamall branch on a Sunday afternoon and the restaurant was packed.

Spicy Pickled Cucumber

Let’s start with an appetizer. From a person who loves spicy food, this tasted normal for me but the bite-sized cucumbers were crunchy and seasoned nicely, a perfect dish to boost the appetite.

Pork Xiaolongbao : 5 pcs. at 160.00 / 10 pcs at 315.00

Xiaolongbao also known as “soupy bun” is a steamed dumpling with a seasoned pork filling and a hot flavourful soup wrapped within a thin wrapper. This is soooooo good! You just have to eat it right. A server will gladly demonstrate how it should be eaten properly, make sure to pay attention if you don’t want a burnt tongue and of course to enjoy the best out of it.

Side Note: Don Bei’s Restaurant at Binondo Manila also serves good xiaolongbao and kuchays!

Steamed Shrimp and Pork Shao Mai: 5 pcs. 200.00 / 10 pcs. 395.00

Just look at those prawns, I enjoyed eating this dumplings together with the light soy sauce and shredded ginger.

Crispy Beef Strips Serving: Solo 235.00 / Sharing 460.00

One of my favourites, this beef strips were indeed crispy and delicious! This is like a chip that you can munch on continuously until you realised it’s gone. Will definitely order this again the next time I visit DTF with a beer. And yes, they also serves beer.

Dry Noodles with Spicy Shrimp and Pork Wantons / P245.00

Another one of my favourites! Again, as I’m used to eating food with a kick on them, this did not appear spicy for me BUT the seasoning is nice, noodles were firm and the wantons were good with just the right amount of chewiness. Just thinking of this dish right now makes me drool!

Fried Noodles with Beef / P195.00

Another good tasting noodle dish with beef and veggies, again the noodles were firm and the veggies still had some crunch on them.

Fried Chicken Chop / P220.00

This chicken chop is crispy, tender and tasty, I’m sure the kids will love this. Other than that, there is nothing special about this dish.

Fried Pork Chop / P195.00

My least favourite dish. First off, it’s wasn’t that appetizing for the eyes and tasted quite plain. I’m gonna pass on it the next time.

Shrimp and Pork Wonton Noodle Soup / P245.00

I actually haven’t tasted this one, but the kid we are with liked it that he completely finished the soup on his own. I’m sure the dumplings in it was equally nice.

Braised Beef Noodle Soup / P325.00
Choices: All Tendon, All Meat, Half Tendon & Half Meat

You can never go wrong with a bowl of a hot beef noodle soup, they are always comforting, rich and tasty. So for this dish, you have the option to have pure meat, tendon or a combination of both.

Chocolate Lava Xiaolongbao / Serving: 3pcs 115.00

The bomb!!! I’m not dessert person, but girl I had three pieces of this … and If not sharing it with my friends baka naka six pieces pa ko 😀

Do you see how rich that chocolate is? The good thing is that its was not too sweet. The wrapper complimented the yummy filling with its slightly chewy texture! A well-balanced dessert to finish a fantastic meal.

If you want to see a quick video of our dining experience at DTF, just click at the Tiktok button on the right side of this screen.

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