What we ate at Mango Tree Café?

How about Thai food for dinner? Hubby and I had a wonderful dining experience last night at Mango Tree Cafe, SM North Edsa branch. We went to the mall to actually look for a long dress and some makeup items because I will be attending a special event next week. However, yesterday was not my day, I didn’t find anything, even the makeup stuff that I will be getting were out of stock! Buti na lang tlaga, ang sarap ng dinner namin.

Love, love, love the interior of the restaurant – tropical vibes! The service was great, staff were nice and most of the items in the menu are already good for sharing. Super sulit!

Thai Iced Tea – P150.00

This drink set the mood of the entire meal, as in one sip and I told hubby, its super yum! This is not even their Thai Milk Tea (sadly it was not available) but it was refreshing with just the right amount of sweetness, perfect tea-blend and extra oomph!

Salted Egg Fried Rice – P580.00

Also know as “Khao Phad Kai Khem” – don’t be amazed, its written on the menu hehe. What I would really like to get is the one with the shrimp. However, hubby is allergic to seafood so we opted for this dish and it did not disappoint. When you look at it, it was just fried rice with salted eggs, greens and crispy catfish flakes but it was really tasty. I think it’s actually the rice. It had this umami flavor and when you eat everything altogether, it was just harmony!

The bowl may look ordinary in size but in real life, it was huge, the serving was good for two people already. Just squeeze that lemon over everything and it’s ready.

Mango Sticky Rice – P380.0

Of course, a Thai dining experience will never be complete without this famous signature dessert. Fresh ripe mango with sweetened sticky rice in coconut sauce, a.k.a Khao Niew Mamuang. I think this is a little pricey though.

I appreciated that the mango was not entirely ripe, yung tipong nag a-agaw ang tamis at konting asim. The sticky rice was well-cooked, nice texture and just the right gooeyness. The combination of these two component plus the coconut sauce was just perfect.

An empty plate means a happy tummy!

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      1. Still, thank you for your review! It’s been a while since I last checked out Thai food; the restaurant I visited there (Tamarind) is now gone, so this is a welcome addition. 🙂

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