FIVE New Korean Skincare Brands in the Philippines

RR Korean Shop, a trusted source of all things K-beauty, owned by its CEO, Mrs. Renee Lee with her husband, graced an event last Monday to introduce FIVE new skincare brands in the Philippines and of course we can get a hold of them from their Shopee store.

The event was also an Influencer’s gala night so I dressed and “glammed” up. Pretty proud of myself as I did my own makeup, including the solid one hour just for putting on my false eyelashes whew!

Hosted by Ms. Jam, the program was lively and interactive as most of us were actually part of it! Basta bawal ang killer joy ganern. I went up the stage twice, will not be sharing what are the things I did there anymore haha! It was fun.

This is the first event that I attended to after the pandemic started, it is nice that we are really starting getting back to normal.

For the stars of the night, these are the newly-launched Korean brands in the Philippines:

12 GRABS – Started from a simple belief that the wisdom of genuine beauty lies on our daily lives. A brand that is friendly to humans, animals and the earth.

This is interesting .. the brand used the number 12 because it represents that 12 types of fruits of life’s trees that means the outcome of life, the 12 months that means harmonious order between nature and humans, 12 zodiac signs that means all seasons in life.

INSTAGRAM: @official.12grabs

WOOLILIWOO – is a brand that understand the struggle of a busy woman and promotes self-care amidst the challenges of life. They claim that their products are quick and easy to use and provides immediate effects to the hair, skin and body.

INSTAGRAM: @wooliliwoo2020

MIXSOON – “Blend of Purity for your Skin” This Korean brand does not only caters to skincare but to life care as well. They have a wide range of products from oral care, inner care (supplement) to housekeeping stuff. This brand even collaborates to artists with autism for the designs of some of their packaging and gives back to the socially disadvantaged.

INSTAGRAM: @mixsoon_official

FEELXO – pronounced as “feelso”. The brand makes skincare products which are made with Canadian Glacier Water and its abundant minerals boost up the skincare effect. Feelxo assures that their products goes through a clean manufacturing process.

DERMA NATUFIAN – this brand is no-stranger to me as I have tried their toner and serum before from RR Korean Shop. Had no complains about them and they are more on the affordable side.

INSTAGRAM: @derma.natufian

I’m pumped on trying all of these goodness, one at a time. Will feature those that I will find great and worth sharing with you. Here are some more photos from the event.

With Mrs. Renee Lee – CEO, RR Korean Shop

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