What We Ate at Arab Asian Resto Cafe?

Let me take you to India and Indonesia in today’s blog. First saw on Tiktok, Ryan and I went to Arab Asian Resto Cafe in Quiapo Manila to taste their food and satisfy my craving for biryani (it’s not like I had it from a different store two weeks ago hehe). To get there, just find in your navigation map the Golden Mosque and you are just a few steps away from the resto.

The place is nothing fancy, there were just four small tables inside but the area is clean and you can have a peek of what’s going on inside the kitchen. Server’s were nice, one of them just accidentally forgot to prepare one item from our order. It’s fine though.

Banana Choco Shake – P95.00

It was the middle of the day when we got to the place and it was really hot, so fruit shakes were in order. Ryan had the banana choco shake while I picked the strawberry one.

Strawberry Shake – P105.00

Both were fine, soothed our dry throats with just the right amount of sweetness. I appreciated that there was a real piece of strawberry on my drink.

Roti Choco Pisang – P70.00

Next dish that was serve to us is the piping hot roti choco pisang, it is almost similar to a choco and banana crepe. It’s best to be eaten while its hot as the roti becomes too chewy as it cools. The experience is even better when you tear and eat it with your hand and dip it on a condensed milk.

Indian Chicken Biryani – P150.00

I was actually hoping to have the beef biryani but it was unavailable, I then opted for the chicken. I always love basmati rice as its bouncy and light. The dish was surely flavourful but I’m still expecting more on should I say, an extra kick from all the spices. Chicken was nice and tender though I found it a little small. Loved the big and juicy tomato slice.

It was good and I enjoyed eating the dish until the last bite.

The chicken biryani came with this soup that you can consume separately or pour over the rice and chicken.

Nasi Goreng Kampung – P115.00

Enough of India, let’s now go to Indonesia. My husband said that he preferred this nasi goreng kampung over the chicken biryani. This is the dish that the server forgot to prepare and so we waited for I think 20 minutes before it was served. While the cook is preparing it, we smelled the aroma of the crispy anchovy that made us excited us to taste the last dish.

It was good, perfect to eat together with the fried egg on top. Every component of the dish complemented each other.

Overall, we did enjoy all the drinks and dishes that we tasted from this food place. Now are the dishes the best? No, as i have tasted better. Still everything is worth the try as they are good, authentic and affordable.

Another set of empty plates, meant a full tummy and a thankful heart.

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