Vizco’s Strawberry Shortcake

I’m not really a sweet lover so I don’t fancy cakes and pastries BUT when it comes to strawberry shortcake, it’s a whole different story. Tried strawberry shortcakes from Conti’s, Mary Grace’s and even a slice from 7-eleven. I have to say this one from VIZCO’s is DA BEST!!!! *chef’s kiss!

As a gift to my Tita for her birthday, I bought an 8-inch SSC from Vizco’s from their SM North Edsa Annex branch. As to date, there are only three branches here in Metro Manila, the other ones are at SM Megamall and the newly-opened one at SM Grand Central, Caloocan.

Vizco’s is famous in Baguio City, the land of fresh strawberries. Have been to Baguio thrice in my life already but back then I don’t honestly know that Vizco’s exist. Just look at those cakes and pastries, I just wanna grab each of them and take photos of.

The main reason why this is the best SSC for me is because of the abundance of fresh and juicy strawberries, they are not even cut into tiny slices but in halves! really generous from the top up to the center of the cake.

That white-ish component on top of the cake is actually a gelatin. The white creamy frosting is just perfect with just the right amount of sweetness, everything just complemented each other.

The cake itself is light, moist, soft and delicate. I’m not a baker so I don’t know the technical terms but this is the kind of cake na di ka mabubulunan, let’s just put it like that.

Here is Vizco’s updated menu if you want to try their cakes and pastries.

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