Christmas Tree for Small Spaces

And just like that, we are in the happiest season of the year. It’s Christmas time! You already know that Christmas starts as early as November in the Philippines. Stores usually starts playing holiday songs pa ang as early as September. In our case, we just let All Saints and Souls days pass before we display our simple Christmas decorations. If you are like me who live in a tight space, let me share to you how I scored this little but festive Christmas tree.

The tree that I got only measures 2 feet, the leaves is made of plastic material in a lush arrangement. I love that the tree is really sturdy because of the bottom weight wrapped with burlap and jute string. The colour is a two-toned green, a combination of usual green and light green. Got it for just P999.00 from SM Tayuman, also available in 3 or 4 feet. The size that I got is just perfect for my floating shelf.

To add sparkle to the Christmas Tree, there should be lights of course. There are a lot more cheaper kinds of Christmas lights but personally, I thinks the ones from the mall or trusted sellers are still the safest. I chose the 100 bulbed white strobe lights for P599.00. It’s quite long actually for my little Christmas tree but I just strategically wrapped it around it.

And finally for the element of festivity, I picked these pink and silver tiny ornaments from Fishermall Malabon for just P250.00 for a pack of 20 pieces already. I stayed away from the normal size Christmas tree ornaments as they will not be suitable for my cute tree.


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