Boracay Beach Front Dining Spots 2023

One of the highlights of every beach trip is FOOD! Me and my family had been to Boracay twice this year, last February and during the holy week this April. Here are some of the beach front restaurants that we enjoyed during our stay there.


Usually, hotels offers free breakfast when you book them. Silog meals are the typical menu options but there are also breakfast buffets from fancier accommodations.

LIME Hotel Complimentary Breakfast – Station 2

LUNCH AT MESA – Station 2

We had lunch meals at MESA twice during our visits to the island. Aside from being situated at the beach front, the ambiance of the restaurant is nice and refreshing that makes the whole dining experience great. Food is delicious and served hot and fresh.

Perfect for 4-5 eaters, this boodle meal is enough to fill in your bellies. Assortment includes Sisig Rice, Tinapa Roll, Crispy Squid, Crispy Pork Belly, Stir-fried Suahe and Bam-i which is a noodle dish.

Dingdong’s Boodle A Feast – P1,295.00 (good for 4-5 pax)

You may also order from their ala-carte menu. We had barbecue honey patis, pork sisig, salt and pepper spareribs (my favourite), pinakbet with crispy pork and pancit canton.

Bill was roughly P3,000.00+ for five adults and 1 kid, rice and drinks included.

Fresh fruit juices and shakes completed our family meal. We had watermelon shakes and fresh buko juice. The server will gladly offer you to split the coconut in half for you to scrape and enjoy the meat, instant dessert!


If you are craving for Chinese food, no problem because there is a Hap Chan branch in Boracay. Savory noodles and steaming dimsum is definitely a nice combination.

Sliced Beef Fried Hofan – P320.00

You may eat inside the restaurant but I suggest you to be seated at their outside dining area so you may enjoy the view while eating. Order an iced mango juice to complete the summer vibe.

Pork and Vegetable Dumpling – P135.00 / Bean curd Dimsum – P100+

Me and my Tita.


How about Italian food for dinner? There are actually few Italian restaurants that can be found in Boracay but we opted to have our dinner at Aria Cucina Italiana. Indeed, as good as it sounds, the flavour of their dishes are authentic as attested by my Tita who lived and worked in Italy for decades.

We had their fresh from the oven Quattro Stagioni Pizza (P620.00). A selection of four different kind of toppings in one. Love the freshness and right thickness of the though and of course the flavourful toppings.

For pasta, we had Puttanesca in round spaghetti noodles (P420.00), Al Fume in Penne pasta (P480.00) and my favorite, Arrabiata in fettuccine noodles (P400.00). Do note that you may freely choose your desired kind of noodle for every pasta dish.

Look at my niece, she was barely awake from a short nap hihi!


Cap the night with a nice mixture of alcoholic drinks at Cha Cha’s Beach cafe and enjoy their live band while you’re at it. I have to warn you though that their cocktail glass, or rather “mug” is huge … but fancy!

I had the Bloody Rita (P250.00) consists of orange margarita, mango tequila, fresh lime, homemade triple sec and citrus bitters. Another one, with the cute umbrella is their Capri Sunset (P275.00), a mixture of aperol, gin, fresh oranges, soda water and orange bitters.

Of course, there has to be food to go with the cocktails. A freshly made stone-fired pizza margherita (P380.00) which was really good with that mozzarella pulling effect. We also had char-grilled bbq sticky ribs (P495.00) that comes with fries and coleslaw. The meat was so tender.

We went here pretty late that the band is packing already, but just look at their high-ceiling and well-decorated interior. Really beautiful.


Yup! This was a lot because we were so hungry from our early swim or rather “tambay” at the sea. Army Navy was actually just below the Coco Huts where we stayed for our April vacation in Station 1 so it was very convenient for us to dine here.

We had: Adobo flakes silog (P260.00), Tapa (P280.00), Classic Pancake (P150.00), Naked Burrito (P280.00), Breakfast Burrito Steak (P300.00), Freedom Fries (P145.00), Pasta and Meatballs (P230.00) and of course their Iced Tea (P220.00 per liter).

Ngiting mga “bu-solve”. Time spent with family is really valuable one. Thank you Lord for allowing these moments to happen! 😀

Remember, you don’t have to be in an island or to dine in a nice restaurant to bond with your family. Just a simple meal with fried fish, salted egg and rice on a banana leaf, eating by hand is perfectly fine as long as you are all together, enjoying the food at laughing your asses of. Precious moments such as this does not have to be fancy.

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