What Fits: Gentle Woman Canvass Micro Tote Bag

Believe it or not, this micro bag fits my essential stuff. Watch the reel here to see what are the things that I was able to put inside the bag.

Gentle Woman is a Thailand brand that sells tote bags, caps and sandals that’s so popular right now, you may see them all over Tiktok and Instagram. What I have is their micro tote bag in cream (also comes in black). It is a canvass bag with a snap closure that only measures 8 x 5 inches. It comes with a detachable sling, so you may wear it as a cross body bag, shoulder bag or a hand bag minus the strap.

Got this from an Instagram online seller for P1,600.00. Waited just about a week before I got my hands on it, it’s so cute and functional.

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