What We Ate at Khao Khai Thai Chicken House

I first saw this Thai restaurant from Tiktok, featured as one of the must-visit food places in Poblacion Makati and immediately saved it under my food collection, in case we happened to be at the area one day. Unexpectedly, we saw a branch at SM Mall of Asia last Saturday and I thought that was it! I can finally try their food.

Of course, I had to pick from their best-sellers. This fried chicken krapao is actually Khao Khai’s signature dish and my instant favourite among the food we tasted. It is a Thai basil fried chicken stir fry, served with rice and egg. The chicken was tender and savory with just a hint of sweetness to it, just the right amount of sweetness that I prefer because I’m not a fan of sweet dishes. This was supposed to be spicy, but no too much … in my case not at all since I have quite a tolerance for spicy food.

Fried Chicken Krapao – P239.00

The egg white was crispy with a runny yolk, components of a perfectly cooked egg for me. The rice was well-cooked too. Over-all, no doubt, I will be coming back for this dish.

Me and my husband loves curry, so this dish was a given. However, we barely tasted the kick of the curry. This was supposed to be aromatic and spicy as described from the menu but I found it to be an overstatement. I mean this minced pork tasted good but definitely wasn’t able to satisfy our expectation. We love that it was served hot, same as the chicken dish with the perfectly cook egg over a steaming rice and fresh cucumber slices as garnish.

Dry Pork Curry – P254.00

A staple dessert from every Thai restaurant, glutinous rice with fresh mango drizzled with sweet and rich coconut milk. Mango Sticky Rice is one of my few favourite desserts because of the balance in the flavours and play of textures inside the mouth. Now, this version from Khao Khai could have been perfect if the glutinous rice was soft and gooey. Unfortunately, there are parts that was still hard and under cooked.

Mango Sticky Rice – P199.00

The coconut sauce was relly nice as well as the fresh mango slices.

For drinks, we had their Thai Milk tea which was just okay. Over Khao Khai and Boat Noodle’s Thai Milk teas, the one from Mango Tree is the best. Another drink that we tried was the watermelon shake, its good and refreshing.

Thai Milk Tea – P99.00
Fresh Watermelon Shake – P149.00

Can you recommend other Thai restaurants that’s worth the try? I will appreciate if you could share them. TIA!

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