A’Bloom by Althea.Kr Haul

– Ultimately adorable + promising products at an affordable price – 

What’s new with the Korean Beauty World? Well, last April 24, 2019, Althea Korea launched their very own brand called A’Bloom with its adorably packaged sheet masks, delectable looking makeup sponges and a blackhead removing stick which I find really  interesting. Let’s name them all shall we? 




A’Bloom released four “fruity” sheet mask variants tagged as recipe for sparkling skin. The packaging is just so happy and pretty to look at. Even the names are well-thought of really, really nice! Each mask retails for only P20.00 (yes, you read it right!) but since I got them by 10’s, I only paid P18.00 a piece. On the duration of the launch, Althea had a 10+10 promotion, sadly I got confused with the mechanics and wasn’t able to avail it. But it’s okay, some of my blogger friends got confused too (and that makes me feel good in a way haha!). 

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It’s Skin Haul

Anyong ha se yo! 

Let me tell you that in the past months, I noticed that all the Korean products that I have been using weather makeup or skin care did not caused me skin allergies. Instead, I feel that my skin is in it’s much healthier state more than ever. 

The items that I am going to feature are all Korean made that was given by a very generous friend of mine and apparently supports my vanity *laughs! My reviews and thoughts about each items will be up in my succeeding blogs. Let’s start! 


 ♥ Makeup  

Can someone tell me WHY? Korean packaging’s are so cute?! … Just kidding, but I know you agree right?! 🙂

Makeup Edited

Part of the It’s Skin Baby face collection are the following: ♥ Petit Mascara  ♥ Creamy Lip Liner in the shade #03 and  ♥ Petit Pact in the shade Natural beige which unfortunately is dark for my skin tone, but as what Tim Gunn always says; I will make it Work hehe!

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April and May Collective Haul

I am so excited with the products that I acquired this past months. Most of them  are affordable and adorable for their size and functionality. 


Let us start with this beauty balm from iWhite Korea. The most affordable BB cream in the market … I think. One sachet of BB.Holic Everyday BB Cream only cost P24.50 that comes in shades light and beige. I am very positive that it will not cause allergic reactions to my face so let us see (fingers crossed).


Next is another BB cream but this time from MUZ. On the left is the Collagen Snail Night Repair Cream from the same brand. Each 10 ml. tube cost more or less P104.00. Another set of products that I am so excited to put into test.

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March 2016 Collective Haul


This month’s collective haul is more on Skin care products, let us begin. ♥♥♥

Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel – P245.00 Landmark Trinoma


One of the most soothing product on earth! Obviously, the main ingredient of this gel is aloe vera and it acts as a moisturizer. I usually store it in the fridge making it extra soothing and cooling in the face when applied. Did I mentioned that it smells so good too?! I will talk more about it on my next blog. Stay Tuned! Ü

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My Althea Valentine Box ; Unboxing

PictureAs what I promised from my previous blog, I will be showing to you the things that I ordered from Althea website directly from the home of Jun Ji-Hyun, Song Hye Kyo and Ha Ji-Won —Korea!

I am so excited about this! Let us start with the Packaging.

At first, I expect to receive my parcel from LBC or any local forwarders just like what happened to my Luxola package from Singapore. I am surprised to have it from Althea directly. I heard that they have an actual warehouse here in the country that takes charge of the delivery after receiving the shipment from Korea.

The box is packed inside a vibrant pink thick plastic which has the Althea sticker logo on it, very enticing in the eyes! Makes me want to open it immeditely, but I contained myself until the delivery man left (*laughs!).


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LOve Month Collective Haul


Hey Lovies!

I know, I know … (Effie Trinket’s voice) the month of February just started, but I feel like sharing with you the stuff that I got recently because it is the love month! (if that makes sense hehe!).  

As we are all aware … yup! if you are single or in a relationship right now, I am talking to you! Valentine’s Day is just right around the corner. And like what other says, celebrating this day is not just by going on with a date with your husband or boyfriend, it can also be celebrated with your family, friends and yourself as well.

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Collective Haul for January


Hello Babes,

I actually made this blog way back  January 2015, unluckily I encountered a technical glitch and my article was gone in a snap. The good news is that I was able to back up the photos of the stuff that I got. 


Brush Container 

I grabbed a few items from Luxola which is now known as Sephora Philippines



Sleek Face Form Contour Pallete in Light, iDivine Eye Shadow Pallete in Au Naturel and Sephora Lip Balm

I was able to purchased a super cute makeup brush set too. 

Yet website.jpg





The famous Matte 12 from Maybelline 


A gold polish from Orly.


This hand cream from L’occitane was given to me by a good friend.