Heimish Bulgarian Rose Line Review

Yet again, Style Korean favored me to be one of the lucky bloggers to try and test these beauties from  their Try Me, Review Me Event! Introducing to you guys the The Heimish Bulgarian Rose Line. I have to say, this the most aesthetically pleasing skincare line I have ever laid my eyes and hands on. 

“Bulgarian Rose water in general is full of skin benefiting vitamins and minerals, ultra-hydrating and with anti-inflammatory properties”.

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Rovectin Skin Essentials Product Review

Skin care products that are hypoallergenic, with NO Paraben, NO fragrance, NO Colorant and NO Mineral Oil? I got them here! ♥

Perfect for gals with sensitive skin, Style Korean again sent over a bunch of skin care products from the brand Rovectin in exchange of my honest review … so ladies, these skin essential products are for us! (1) Conditioning Cleanser (2) Activating Treatment Lotion (3) Barrier Repair Face Oil (4) Barrier Repair Cream and (5) Cica Care Balm. 

So, What is Rovectin? Developed to treat cancer patients, chemotherapy recipients, burn victims, dermatitis sufferers and all others with severe skin-barrier damage, Rovectin is renowned as an effective treatment that is both safe and trustworthy. Thanks to this reputation, the brand is often prescribed and used by thousands of hospitals and clinics all over Korea.  – these facts really amazed me and made me trust the brand immediately 🙂

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The PRO’s of Having Product Kits and Deluxe Samples


I’m such as sucker for product kits and deluxe samples be it for skincare or makeup and I’m positive that I’m not the only one … Am I right or Am I right? :p 

For me personally, product kits and deluxe samples are of great help because I have sensitive skin (like I haven’t said it a billion times already on my blogs lol!). It’s very important for me to try a certain product first to check if it will suit my skin type or if it will irritate me because …  girl,  nobody wants hives, extreme redness and itchiness on her face!

I have listed below some of the Pro’s and Con’s of  product kits and deluxe samples based on my opinion.

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Huxley Secret of Sahara Extraordinary Deluxe Collection


When I first saw this set, I felt ecstatic! Click HERE to watch the Video. 

Huxley is a cult favorite Korean skincare brand named after the author, Mr. Aldous Huxley. The entire brand is leading the trend of utilizing cactus oils for hydration as what women of the Sahara desert does. Their price line is a bit on the pricier side that’s why I’m glad that they came up with this deluxe collection set. Now I have the chance to try each of the products and see for myself if I’m gonna love them or not before splurging on the full size versions. 

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