Menow-Pro Kiss Proof Soft Lipstick Review and Swatches


If you have read my previous blog you would know that I purchased these lip pencils (soft lipstick) for me to try out. Honestly, I am skeptical to try them because of the following reasons: (1) They are made in China (2) Each product retails for only P150.00 which for me is way too cheap for its claims (3) Since they are lip pencils they need to be sharpened, which is kind of inconvenient for me.


This particular lip product comes in nineteen shades. However, I opted to just purchase two shades for the sake of this review and to satisfy my curiosity because everyone is raving for it right now.




The packaging is alright, nothing fancy. I appreciate that the manufacturing and expiration dates are indicated in the box and it comes with a small pamphlet telling you how to effectively apply the product on your lips.



I got the shades #4 and  #17. 


I super LOVE the color of this one. It is on a pinkish – coral shade with slight brightness to it. I like that it instantly makes my complexion vibrant hence brightens up my entire face.


Too bad though, the application is a struggle! It becomes very patchy and leaves my lips super dry. But since I adore this shade, I tried ways to make it work. It includes putting on lip balm first (I used my Vaseline and EOS lip balms one at a time) which made the application much easier but the patchiness is still there. Another is I let it set for three to five minutes, but it still makes my lips look so unhealthy and again, patchy.

I am so sad because like I just said, I adore this shade so much  (sad face…)


This neutral-brown shade is what I am excited to try on because I have not owned anything like it before. It reminds me of the Candy K shade from the Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. Unlike the #4 shade, this one is very easy to apply on the lips with the help of  a lip balm and it does not become patchy at all. It seems to blend naturally on my lips without emphasizing the lines making me love it a lot. 

I can see myself using this shade but not for everyday. 



  • Instantly lifts and Hydrates the lips 
  • Gives rich and creamy color
  • Long wearing
  • Gives a powdery matte finish


  • I found that the product do not hydrates the lips at all. Always wear lip balm first. As to the lifting effect, maybe it will if you will outline  your lips very neatly.
  • The shade #17 is very creamy but the #4 is not, it is very hard to work with.
  • Definitely the product is Kiss-proof/Transfer-proof and will last all day long.
  • It indeed gives a powdery matte finish on the lips.


I think that the performance of the product varies from shade to shade. All of the claims were true for the  #17  except for the hydrating factor but a fail for the #4 one. 

Will I repurchase?  – NO 


  • Always apply lip balm first before putting on the product and after removing it. 
  • Remove it from the lips using a cotton with baby/olive oil or an oil-based makeup remover
  • Sharpen the pencil using a jumbo pencil sharpener




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