Pastel Nails: Found Orly Dupes!

I used to have my nails done in the salon and opt for gel polishes as they last for a month without chipping and all. In the year 2019, when the pandemic started, my nails stayed unpolished but still groomed of course.

Until recently, I started to apply nail polish on my own and this is when I came across the brand La Belle. Fell in love with the pastel colors they carry. BTW, these are ordinary polishes and not gel. Got them from Watsons inside SM Department Store.

Surprisingly, I found Orly dupes from two of the shades that I picked up.

Let me talk first about this shade called “Touch of Beige” which is a flattering old rose color. I think this will also look great for morena skin. This is a shade that you can never be wrong with, like an MLBB shade but for the nails.

Touch of Beige

Second is this shade called “Teal” with literally the same color pay-off as Orly’s gum drop. Gum drop is my go-to gel polish so I should know for sure.

Throwback Photo: ORLY Gel Polish in Gum Drop

The third shade is “Baby Blue”, the exact dupe of Orly’s Snowcone. Another gel polish shade that I use to choose to be applied to my nails, usually with a silver accent nail.

Baby Blue
Throwback Photo: ORLY Gel Polish in Snowcone

The best thing is that this nail polish brand is way more cheaper at P38.00 a bottle compared to Orly Gel Polishes. It’s easy to work with and provides an opaque color pay-off in just two coats. The brush does not leave streaks and does not make the nails become yellow-ish.

I used all of the shades one at a time for three consecutive weeks and it left no discoloration on my nails and did not irritate my nail beds.

Just make sure to give your nails at most a week after consistently wearing a polish for them to rest before applying again. For better results, put a base coat before applying the nail polish and top it off with a quick-dry top coat with a cuticle conditioner. I highly recommend my tried and tested brand Bobbie. It’s affordable as well.

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