Gratitude Post: Looking Back at 2019


I have to say … I had a blast! 2019 has been a great year for me and for that, I’m beyond grateful. For the past year, I met some of the amazing, credible and dedicated people in the beauty community. These are the people that inspires me to follow my passion … to share and express my thoughts through blogging. Thank you guys! 

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I also had the chance to work with brands that were not imposing or limiting, but rather confident and brilliant. Being sent with PR packages in exchange of my honest opinions and being invited to launches and events, felt really good and rewarding. To the people behind these brands … Thank you! 

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How to Dress Up for a Wedding

– be simple yet stylish –

BannerYou should be proud of yourself whenever you are being invited to weddings because it just simply imply that you mean something for the bride and groom. Depending on the theme or kind of the wedding, how to dress up is one of the concerns “mostly of the girls” because of course we want to look presentable and blend with the other guests. Just last Tuesday, I attended a dear friend’s wedding at Tagaytay City. Knowing when the ceremony and the reception will be at, I know that I have to dress up so as to conform with the very special occasion. 


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DIY Bridal Shower Gift Idea

– Curate your love 


I recently attended a friend’s bridal shower which we planned weeks ahead. Usually, when I attend occasions likes this, what I buy for the bride-to-be are sexy and kinky things. This time though, I thought of giving my friend something personalized and things that she can really use. I googled for personalized gift ideas until I came across Pinterest and became inspired with the bridal survival kit


A bridal survival kit basically contains little things that can possibly need by the bride before, during and after her wedding day. Since I coordinated weddings before, I pretty much have an idea on the stuff that might save the bride’s life. 

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My Digital Perming Disaster and What I did to Revive my Hair

– Grab yourself a bowl of pop corn or any snacks because this is gonna be a pretty long story time hehe! 🙂

IMG_3495Okay so, finally …  after years of contemplating, I finally decided to turn my straight hair into curls. Well, I had my reservations because when you have unnatural curls, you will need to do extra care to maintain your locks. It means extra products and extra effort. But anyway I said to myself that I will give it a go just for a change, you know what I mean girls *wink. 

First things first, I wanted to check if my one year old rebonded and colored hair is healthy enough to be permed and endure more chemicals. So I went to Tony and Jackey last May 11. They asked me if there are other treatments done to my hair before like keratin treatment, brazilian blowout or if I have my hair bleached. I said no with certainty. Alas! after my stylist approved that my hair can be digitally permed plus made me aware about their ongoing promotional discount for their services, I decided to push with the perming on that same day. 


They offered me the ultimate package for digital perm that includes hair coloring, a hair treatment they called rescue 911 and a hair cut for P5,000.00, originally priced at P9,300.00, pretty good deal! We started the service at 4:30 PM and ended at around 8:15 PM so that’s almost four hours long – tiis ganda besh! :p


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Let’s Talk PINK!



If you are a fan of Victoria’s Secret products and aiming to be a VS angel even just for a day or captivated by the cuteness of Hello Kitty, there is a 100% chance that you love PINK!

Psychology says that the color pink is a sign of hope. It is a color of warmth, comfort, calmness, kindness and empathy. I say that pink among all other colors best represents the character of women today. We are not plain and voiceless as WHITE may imply nor too intense as RED. However when the two colors combined, it creates a subtle color. A perfect mixture of  wit, femininity and toughness that makes us unique and edgy. Pink is not my favorite color but as a woman it will always be beautiful to me.

And so in this blog, I will be featuring personal things that are not just plain pinks but glossierpinks!


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Crazy Over Matte Polish! Featuring Bobbie Top Coat

I am OBSESSED into something and it’s been going for months now. I just got addicted and I cannot do anything about it…

BAM! This is the culprit *laughs!


This matte top coat is from the brand Bobbie which you can easily find at Watsons especially the ones inside the department stores. Ugh! This is my Holy Grail nail product. Why?! Because its Matte, Affordable at P43.00 per 15 ml bottle and it Dries Quickly.

Plus it steps up of your nail game. Just put it on top of any nail polish and you’ll see how instantly it mattifies. I promise that it will give you the “ang lakas maka-sosyal” nail look. Some of my Instagram friends got hooked with it too when I posted a picture of my painted nails. Notice on the photos below how the finish of the polish turns from shiny to matte. 

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