Home Stuff Haul: Part 1 of 3 – Home Decors’

How are you all? In this uncertain and stressful times we badly need to have a diversion and just make the best out of what we have right now, which for one is TIME. I always wanted to re-decorate our home but I’m always busy because I work in an office 5 1/2 days a week and Sunday is family day of course. Now that I’m just working from home like most people I know, I am getting much time as I need and was able to slowly amp up the look of our space and acquire some decorative pieces.

I was supposed to film a haul video and upload it on my Youtube Channel but I just decided to create a blog post instead and it will be in three parts: (1) Home Decor Haul (2) Indoor Plants Haul and (3) Kitchen Stuff Haul. Before anything else, just a disclaimer: This blog is not intended to brag or anything. What I will be featuring is a collective haul – meaning I did not purchased these items all at the same time (and di naman sila ganun kama-mahal hehe). Without further ado, here are the home decorations a.k.a “Tita Finds” that I acquired, where I got them and how much they are.

DAPITAN ARCADE: Dried / Preserved Plants and Vases

Dried or preserved plants and flowers are so in today, I’m sure you already seen photos of them in your Instagram and Facebook feeds. It brought me joy when I spotted these during our visit to Dapitan Arcade a couple of months back.

These are dried pampas for just P100.00 a bundle. They are so fun to touch because they’re fluffy and so soft. The color is pale gray and really pretty to look at.

For just P50.00 a bundle are these dried wheat. You just have to be careful with them because they are really fragile as are prone to breaking because of their very thin stems. Aside from that, they looks nice.

Last are these dried something, I’m sorry but I just don’t know what its called. Can you help me in the comment section below? TIA! Anyway, I got them for just P25.00 a bundle.

Also from the same shop where I got the dried plants, are these glass vases for only P120.00 a piece. I love their design and how sleek they are, such a perfect container for my dried plants and dried roses (that I got last year pa).

Bringing them all together in a bunch, this is what they look like. Pretty right? Definitely a nice decor in the living or bedroom.


When you go to Dapitan Arcade, you will see tons of baskets made out of various native raw materials in different shapes and sizes. What I got is this medium-sized seagrass and abaca basket which is also available in small, large and extra-large sizes. I like that it is sturdy because it has thick metal wires to hold its shape. It cost P600.00 a piece. It can be a hamper, a plant pot holder or anything.

DAPITAN ARCADE: Throw Pillow Cases

Last item that I got from Dapitan Arcade for this home decor haul are these beautiful piece of art in a form of pillow cases. When I saw these, I was mesmerized as in! The embroidery was so intricate and beautifully done. The yellow, blue and black threads are vibrant and really pops. The fabric is close to a muslin cloth but softer to touch and it has a zipper closure. A pack of two pillows cost P300.00 which was such a steal because things like this at malls or at Kultura in particular is way more expensive for sure.

SHOPEE: Fluffy Rug

Believe it or not, this gray and white colored rug only cost P350.00 – as in its super affordable. At first, I had my reservations if I’m going to get it or not but then the reviews about it were great, I decided to ordered one. And OMG! I super like it because its in no way looking cheap. It’s so fluffy and soft, not the thickest but its just fine for me. Even Domo, my dog loves rolling over it. The only downside is though it claims to be non-slip, it kinda slide a little bit on the floor. But over-all this is a really “sulit” purchase for me.

LAZADA: Sofa Cover

Check me here 🙂

I so love this “lakas maka-fresh vibe” print and I got it for just P569.00. The material of this cover is soft and really stretchy. It comes with foam sticks that you’ll insert in the folds of the sofa to make the cover stays in place. It also has strings underneath for added security. Again, the design of the cover really amps up the look of our small living room.

SHOPEE: Wooden Hanging Mirror

Another fantastic thing that I got from Shopee is this round wooden hanging mirror that I have been eyeing for months already. You can have an idea of its size from the photos below, I find it to have the perfect size for my liking. It has a faux brown leather strap and the rest of the body is made out of wood (screws included). The mirror itself is so nice as well, really good quality. I placed it in our bathroom and it looks really good on the tiled wall. It costs P1,400.00 and its also available in black and white.

LAZADA: Wooden Soap Dishes

Check me here 🙂

These wooden soap dishes only costs P114.00 a piece and they are so cute. They are made from bamboo, non-slip and they are aesthetically looking in the bathroom. You see, the theme I’m going for in our bathroom is kind of rustic with a tropical vibe.

LAZADA: Bathroom Rack

Check me here 🙂

For more bathroom stuff, I also got this rack that is very ideal for small bath or comfort rooms because it is designed to be placed above the toilet – meaning more spaces saved. It consists of three shelves where you can organize your bathroom essentials. It was easy to assemble though not super sturdy. However, if you lean it good on the wall and use a double-sided tape (also included in the package) for the “shakey” areas, its all good. Been using it for a couple of months already and I haven’t encountered any problem with it.

LAZADA: 3-in-1 Bed Stuff

From the living room to the bathroom, let’s now continue in the bedroom. I ordered 2 sets of these beautiful, Scandinavian style bed covers for just P799.00 each (updated price is P1200+.00). A set consists of 2 pillow cases, 1 bed sheet and 1 duvet cover. Since we have 4 pillows, I just ordered additional matching cases for P179.00 a piece.

Design #1: Pink and Blue Flamingo Prints

Design #2: Cactus Print

I was stunned because for the price, the fabrics used are really soft, the duvet cover feels fluffy (most especially the cactus print one) even it has no infill yet. The stitches are nice, doesn’t look cheap at all – trust me! Even after washing them, the quality of the fabric and the vibrancy of the prints did not changed. The designs looked exactly the same from the photos.

WILCON DEPOT: Wood Panels / Floating Shelves

Last item for this Home Decor Haul, we will go back to the living room again. To make use of our bare wall, hubby and I decided to install floating shelves for the following reasons: (1) it will transform the wall from boring-looking to aesthetically pleasing, (2) it will save us space and (3) my indoor plants and other decors will have a dedicated spot.

So, we went to Wilcon depot and grabbed three wooden panels for P439.00 a piece – invincible holder and screws included. If you are living in a condo unit, it may not be allowed because you have to drill 4 small holes into the wall.

After installation, this is how they are now. Two panels installed in the living area and one for our altar. We just have a small unit in this apartment (we are not renting though because hubby’s parents own the building) very comparable to a condo-type space so I always make it a point to acquire space saving stuff only to keep our place pleasant, not crowded and over-all easy on the eyes. Remember for small spaces, less is always more.

So there you have it guys. I had so much fun doing my researches and shopping for the things that I featured. I hope that this blog will inspire you to improve your living spaces too and make use of your extra time. Part 2 and 3 of this blog will be posted within the week.

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