Skin Care made FUN! Bubble up with Elizavecca Carbonated Clay Mask

I love indulging my face on various sheet masks (mostly korean’s) because of countless reasons. Clay or mud types of masks however are not the best options for me because I feel like they are so messy to work with. Until I came across and became intrigued with the Elizavecca Milky Piggy Bubble Carbonated Clay Mask (whew! that’s  a mouthful!). This clay mask is not your ordinary “mud pack” kind of thing. Right after application, it instantly bubbles up like crazy until it dominates the entire face which sounds fun!

Elizavecca Cosmetics is a Korean brand and I actually have their Skin Liar Primer which I love. I do not know about the term “milky piggy”  and what it’s got to do with the product but it’s still cute so carry lang din (or maybe because pigs loves to play with mud like Peppa hehe!). It is said that the mask is carbonated for it contains carbonic acid, I searched it’s scientific definition and my mind collapsed lol! Just imagine fizzy drinks like your regular soda, it contains carbonic acid which makes it fizz and bubble up when opened. Some of this clay mask’s ingredients are green tea extracts and charcoal powder. I got it for P550.00 from Althea Philippines.

The product itself  is a clay-based mask that promises to deep clean the pores, makes the skin moist, soft and smooth. It is said to be suitable for all skin types. Read more below to know if these claims are true.


IMG_0160 1

The 100 grams clay mask is contained in a grayish round plastic tub with safety lid inside. It comes with a tiny spatula to be used in scooping out the product from the tub. It also gives full control in applying evenly and smoothing out the product on the face. 



After opening the tub, I noticed that tiny bubbles immediately formed at the surface. Since this product reacts quickly when comes in contact to air, it must not be exposed for too long and must be sealed air tight (this is what the inner lid was made for).


The consistency of the clay mask is not as gooey as what I expected it to be. Let us say that it is not too thick because it is easy to work with and not too soft either to be runny. It is easy to apply with the use of spatula and provides a cooling effect when it touches the skin. According to my research, I should let it sit for 4-5 minutes before I smooth it out, massage it on my face and finally rinse with warm water.

The first photo is how it looks like right after the application. After just a minute (middle photo) it started to foam, tiny bubbles came out. Within three minutes (third photo) the bubbles covered out the entire area where I applied the clay mask.


Aside from a very subtle tingling sensation, I did not experienced itchiness or redness at the back of my hand. This made me decide to apply the product on my face hoping that it will not cause any allergic reactions too. The photo on the left is  a minute after I applied the clay mask while the photo on the right is after three minutes. As you can tell, it completely foamed up already. 


I actually enjoyed watching how quickly the clay mask foams in my face and hearing the popping sounds as the bubbles formed and poped (obvious naman sa ichura ko haha!). Again, the photo on the left is  a minute after I applied the product while the photo on the right is after three minutes (Instant chubby cheeks na ako sa second frame lol!).


As you can see, I made sure that the bubbles did not reached my eyes, mouth and the openings of my nose because that would be so irritating.  After five minutes, (another fun part for me!) it is now time to press down the foam and spread it on the entire face. Who knows that skincare can be this amusing right?!


In just a minute after the product was distributed on my face, tiny bubbles started to form again but not as intense as the first round.


 The same happened when I tried it at the back of my hand earler.

IMG_0162 1
Foaming for the Second Time

I did not waited for the second foaming to happened again though, I decided to rinse my face with running water already (ang tigas ng ulo, sabi ng warm :p). Guys, you really have to wash the face thoroughly just to make sure that all of the clay mask will be removed at once. Maybe It will not cause me much effort if I followed the instructions and used warm water instead. 

After I pat my face dry with a clean towel, I immediatley touched my face and noticed how smooth and soft it was (though not as soft and smooth whenever I use a gentle facial scrub). I really felt that my skin is clean and refreshed. Now, I am not sure if this product also claims to get rid of black/white heads, but it did not do it for me. Good news is that I did not saw even a spot of redness, did not experienced any allergic reactions and had breakout after using the clay mask. This product is really suitable for senstivie skin.



  • Do not expose the product to air for too long and seal it air tight.
  • Make use of the spatula and wash it before an after use to avoid product contamination.
  • Do not over apply the product on your face because it foams out like crazy.
  • Make sure to provide enough space so that your eyes, openings of the nose, ear and mouth will not be reached by the bubbles when the clay mask fully foams.
  • Take your time to rinse your face thoroughly with warm water.


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  1. Haha, I just reviewed this mask too! The name is so long 😵 I kept messing it up. It was so fun to use though 🙂


  2. I’ve had something similar from Althea also. It’s the Onsaemeein Carbonated Scoria Bubble Mask Pack. Whew! They’re names are really long. Lol! I’ve had it for a while but haven’t opened the pack yet. This one is in a tube. Maybe it’s time try it. Hehe.


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