Dr. Sensitive Tea Tree and Aloe Vera Pimple Relief Serum Review

Dr. Sensitive Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Pimple Relief Serum is as lightweight serum that helps soothe and relieves pimples. For skin trouble and blemish care.

During one of my rare visits to Watsons nowadays, I came across Dr. Sensitive products in trial/travel packs (10ml) and I picked the Tea Tree & Aloe Vera Pimple Relief Serum. I don’t usually have too many pimples but months back due to some factors, I’ve been having 2-3 pimples at the same time situated in one particular part of my face. They looked really red and bothering. It became frequent that I started to worry. This was the reason why I grabbed this serum off the rack thinking and hoping that it might help before I consult with a Dermatologist online.

The key and proven ingredients of this serum are:

  1. Tea Tree – popular ingredient in preventing / treating acne because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Also calms swelling, redness and inflammation.
  2. Aloe Vera – also helps with acne, skin irritation and inflammation among others.

Reasons why I like it:

  • The popular ingredients in it that addresses acne, blemishes and skin irritation
  • Okay for sensitive skin
  • Available in trial pack that’s also convenient for travelling
  • Affordable price point
  • Lightweight, easily absorbed by the skin without the sticky feel
  • Watery consistency of the serum with a very subtle scent
  • Can be use under makeup
  • It effectively helps in preventing the occurrence of pimples and relieves redness
  • Cruelty-free and ISO certified – made in the Philippines #supportlocal
  • Necessary information that includes manufacturing and expiry dates are printed in the packaging (trial pack and tube)

Area for product improvement:

The tube of full-size packaging is cute and handy but I’m not a fan of the nozzle. Product dispenser of this kind is more appropriate for cream or products with thicker consistencies. Since this serum is watery and too runny, I find it hard to control and end up dispensing a lot of product whenever I’m not being too careful.


Does it effectively relieve pimples and redness? YES.

I started using this serum in its 10ml trial pack. More or less two weeks after, I got my hand on the full-sized (30 ml) tube already because I felt like its working in making my skin clearer and preventing the frequent occurrence of my pimples. Just to be transparent, I think the beauty supplement that I started taking roughly two months ago, also helped.

A month after using this serum, my skin becomes almost back to normal, noticeably clearer and I rarely had pimples. If ever I had a pimple, it’s just a small one, barely red and healed real fast. Ever since I started using the serum, I never had that creepy cluster of pimples that I mentioned earlier.

It feels nothing on the skin but really works! I use it every morning and evening religiously.

Where to get it and how much:

Got it from Watsons. 10ml trial pack for P59.00, 30ml tube for P149.00

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