Leaders Philippines Summer Skin Savers

SUMMER is here in the Philippines! Although the sunny weather brings us joy and means out of towns, beach and pool parties … it is also the season when our skin is more prone to damage and irritation because of the heat and sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays, extra care is a must. Good thing, one of my favorite brands when it comes to sheet mask, Leaders Philippines have their SUMMER SKIN SAVERS composed of two new sheet masks that will be out in the market very soon, along with their beneficial sheet masks (this blog is not sponsored).



NEW! Juicy Pina Colada Bright Mask – A coconut fermented gel sheet that promises to make skin looks clear, moisturized and provide vital care. Key ingredients are Pineapple Extract which is rich in Vitamins A, B and C that brightens the skin and Coconut Water that not only moisturizes, but also calms and soothes the skin with its cooling effect. 


NEW! Juicy Mojito Clearing Mask – A coconut fermented gel sheet that aims to make skin looks smooth and tightens pores. Key ingredients are Lime Peel Extract which is rich in antioxidants that gets rid of dead skin cells and keeps skin healthy and Peppermint Leaf Extract which contains menthol compound that soothes sensitive skin. It also opens pores and helps remove excess sebum and moisturize skin. 


First of all, the packaging is just WOW! Don’t you think? Both are really cooling and refreshing in the eyes. I can totally see myself holding these sheet masks on the beach while taking a selfie! Perfect! 

… and the ingredients … Pineapple, Coconut, Lime and Peppermint … screams SUMMER! not to mention their promising skin benefits. Also, these cocktails are my favorites in real life hehe! I am having such high expectations with these new sheet masks but so far so good. Each masks retails for P189.00 and will be available in the market real soon.  


COCONUT WATER GEL MASKS – These masks are already available in the market and as the name implied, their main ingredient is coconut. 

Volume & Glow Mask – A coconut fermented gel sheet that promises to provide intense nourishment to damaged skin. Key ingredients are 30% Coconut Water that gives essential minerals that naturally moisturizes the skin and Phytosqualane that fights off skin-damaging free radicals that contributes to the signs of aging. It balances oil production, provides moisture that keeps the skin clear and healthy. 


AC & Pore Care Mask – A coconut fermented gel sheet that aims to moisturize and soothes sensitive skin. Key ingredients are also 30% Coconut Water and Witch Hazel Eucalyptus Leaf Extract that reduces skin inflammation, soothes skin and gives astringent effect. 


Generally, aside from being known as a thirst quencher here in the Philippines, coconut water also lowers the temperature of a heated skin which we all experience during summer. It is rich in Vitamins C. E, minerals and organic acids. Each of the coconut water gel sheet masks retails for P209.00. 


Of course, the ultimate skin care product that we need everyday, more so during the tropical season is sunscreen. Included in the PR kit that Leaders sent over are samples of their Hello SkinBuddy Daily Moisture Sun Cream with SPF 50 PA ++++ together with the All in One Foaming Cleanser. These are not yet available in our local drug stores and Leaders shops but the brand will surely keep us updated. 


I am so SUMMER READY! and you can be as well. Just make sure that you are using a sunscreen with SPF 50 or higher everyday and you can also freely try for yourself the sheet masks that I featured today, their ingredients and skin benefits are really promising. 


Thank you Leaders Philippines!



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