Did I lost 10 lbs in 3 days? The Military Diet Challenge


So I have been interested in this type of diet where you can lost a maximum of 10 pounds or four kilos in a matter of three short days. The claim seemed catchy for me because eventually you do not have to be on a strict diet forever. Basically, you will be eating calorie counted, specific meals for only three days and eat normal on the next four days.

Now, there are things to consider that may affect the end result. The amount of weight that may be lost still depends on how a person eats normally or if there is an exercise involved etcetera. In my case, I eat rice during breakfast, lunch and dinner and lately I have not been exercising like I used to before.

The big questions is … did I really lost 10 pounds after going through the military diet? Well, you are in for a treat because I am going to be a guinea pig to those who are skeptical about it.

First of, my height is four feet and eleven inches tall (4’11). According to the charts the ideal weight for my height ranges from 94-119 pounds or 42-53 kilograms. My current weight is 112 pounds or 51 kilograms. Yeah, I am still on board but I feel that there is a need for me to lose a couple of kilos off because I used to weigh 45 kilograms last year.

If you decided to go on any type of diet or exercise, make sure to weigh your self first before proceeding so that you can compare the before and after results.


Below are the meals that I consumed for three days following the specific meal plan under the military diet and how I felt about each meals. 

FIRST DAY (October 12, 2016)

Breakfast : 1 cup of coffee or tea (no sugar), 1 slice of wheat bread, 2 tablespoons of peanut butter and half of grapefruit or pomelo. 

Details : I took tea over a cup of coffee in this meal. Breakfast taken at 7:15 am, felt full until 10:00 am. img_7394

Lunch : 1 cup of coffee or tea (no sugar), 1 slice of wheat bread and half a cup of tuna.

Details : I chose a cup of coffee this time. Took the meal at 12: 15 noon, felt full until 5:00 pm.img_7396

Dinner : 3 ounces of any meat,  a cup of green beans, 1 small apple, half of banana and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream. 

Details : I have taken my dinner at around 7:30 pm and I enjoyed the meal a lot. Pretty sure that the pork I consumed is less than 3 ounces. For the green beans, I just boiled it in water then quickly toss on the same pan where I cooked the pork chop and added a pinch of salt. img_7397


SECOND DAY (October 13, 2016)

Breakfast : 1 slice of wheat bread, 1 egg (cook however you want) and half of banana.

Details : Breakfast taken at 8:15 am, felt full until 10:00 am. img_7398

Lunch : 5 saltine crackers, 1 cup of cottage cheese (kesong puti) and half of banana.

Details : I only consumed 4 saltine crackers in this meal actually. I love cottage cheese but the particular brand that I got from the grocery is too bland for my taste. So I could say that I did not enjoyed this meal. After finishing my lunch though, I felt so full. I only felt hungry at around 6:00 pm.img_7399

Dinner : 2 pieces hot dogs, 1 cup broccoli, half a cup carrots, half a banana and half a cup of vanilla ice cream.

Details : Another meal that I enjoyed so much and felt really full after. I took dinner at around 6:30 pm. Veggies were boiled on a hot water then tossed quickly on the same pan were the hot dogs were cooked.img_7400


THIRD DAY (October 14, 2016)

Breakfast : 5 saltine crackers, 1 apple and 1 slice of cheddar cheese.

Details :The day that I dreaded so much! The first two days were pretty easy for me but the third day is more challenging. Anyway, I have taken my breakfast at 8:20 am and felt full until 10:00 am. Thanks for the apple!img_7401

Lunch : 1 egg (cook however you want) and 1 wheat bread.

Details : The worst set on the entire meal plan. Surprisingly, I felt full until 5:00 pm after taking it at around 12:10 noon. But honestly, I was so tempted to munched on anything just to have something more tasteful in my palette. img_7402

Dinner : 1 cup of tuna, half a banana and 1 cup of vanilla ice cream. 

Details : I have taken my dinner at 6:30 pm and I did not enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed my two previous dinners. Felt full though.img_7403


General Impression

Over-all, I think that the military diet is manageable. The meal plan for the first two days were bearable and really makes you full. The third day however is more challenging but not too bad either. Another thing I noticed is that I kept on producing small burps the entire day that I am on the diet.


And so for the big reveal ….. October 15, 2016.


I only lost 2 pounds or 1 kilogram, that is 8 pounds or 4 kilograms short. Clearly, it is far from my expectation of at least losing 5 pounds or 2 kilograms but I think that what I lost is up for a good start. Again, as what the military diet says the result varies from person to person depending on their lifestyle and 2 pounds is still 2 pounds! 🙂

I am planning to continue this diet for three more weeks and see the end result after. For the time being, I will try to avoid consuming big meals and definitely minimize my carbs intake. Will be posting an update in this blog after I finished.

———————— 2nd Week Update ——————————–

I lost another 2 pounds today (1 kg.) after going through the military diet for October 18-21, 2016. I did some substitutes which is still equal to the number of calories in the original food on the meal plan. I exchanged fruit yogurt from vanilla ice cream and two slices of cheddar cheese from the cottage cheese. I will again post an update after the third week.



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