It’s Skin Haul

Anyong ha se yo! 

Let me tell you that in the past months, I noticed that all the Korean products that I have been using weather makeup or skin care did not caused me skin allergies. Instead, I feel that my skin is in it’s much healthier state more than ever. 

The items that I am going to feature are all Korean made that was given by a very generous friend of mine and apparently supports my vanity *laughs! My reviews and thoughts about each items will be up in my succeeding blogs. Let’s start! 


 ♥ Makeup  

Can someone tell me WHY? Korean packaging’s are so cute?! … Just kidding, but I know you agree right?! 🙂

Makeup Edited

Part of the It’s Skin Baby face collection are the following: ♥ Petit Mascara  ♥ Creamy Lip Liner in the shade #03 and  ♥ Petit Pact in the shade Natural beige which unfortunately is dark for my skin tone, but as what Tim Gunn always says; I will make it Work hehe!

Skin Care  

Hello! Soothing and supple skin … for I have two kinds of mask sheets to use. I’m so excited! 

Aloe Calming Mask Sheet IMG_4504

Pearl Glitter Essential Mask Sheet IMG_4503

Power 10 Formula (complete set of serums) IMG_4505

Super cute stuff! I already did an introductory blog about each of the serums, just click these hearts  ♥♥♥

Mangowhite Peeling Gel IMG_4506 gffgf

Just a little trivia, mangosteen is one of my favorite fruits and I learned that it gives a lot of health benefits in ones body. From my initial research, I found out that this product act as a skin exfoliant. 

Prestige Yeux Ginseng and Creme Ginseng D’Escargot IMG_4502 ffgf

I must tell that I have high hopes about these products because of the word “escargot” which is basically means snail. Based on my readings, products with snail secretions tend to be effective especially in skin regeneration which slows skin aging. 


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  1. I super agree! Korean packaging is super duper cute. 🙂 Glad they work well on your skin ❤


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