I waxed my underarm for the first time!

– officially a stripper! 

Don’t take the “stripper” thing seriously though LOL! One of the things that the #ecqmademedo is to got rid of my underarm hair using cold wax. I used the honey flavored cold wax from the brand Esme Organics. But before I dived into it, these are the things that revolved on my mind … (1) Does waxing successfully removes hair? (2) Is it painful? (3) Will I bleed? (4) What’s better, hot or cold wax? (5) Can I do it all by myself? (6) Will the hair grow back much slower? Yes! I’m this skeptical at first. So if you’re planning to try cold waxing and have the same questions on your mind, this blog will be of help to you. 

3. Put any kind of loose powder to your skin first, I used a baby powder. This is very important as it will help the wax to adhere to your underarm hair and based on what I have watched, apparently it lessens the pain if your are sensitive. 

4. Stick the wax to your skin and make sure that it covers all areas with hair. Once it adhered, you can spread it out evenly. 

5. If you have wax paper, it is the most ideal to use but since I don’t have any, an ordinary clean bond paper did the trick. Stick the paper on top of the wax and press it hard, make sure to include the entire wax-covered area of your skin. If its ready, you can let go of the paper and it will remain adhered to the wax. 

6. Now that everything is in place, don’t think of anything, relax and strip the paper  off quickly and firmly. At this point, I’m laughing again because when you scroll down … you will already see my underarm up close and personal. In 3, 2, 1 haha!


Done! As you can tell, I “harvested” a lot (sa ngalan na lang talaga ng blog! haha!). In my defense, it is purely intended okay? so that you can see and know the performance of the wax better. In just one go, all the hair was stripped off. See those five tiny red spots? I bled just a little and it got easily wiped off by a tissue paper. For first timers, you would ask if its painful? The answer is an honest NO. I felt something when I stripped the paper off but its barely pain. Just to be clear, I have high tolerance when it comes to physical pain so it can be the reason.

So to answer the questions above:

(1) Does waxing successfully removes hair? – YES! If you did the steps right, all hairs will be removed in one go. 

(2) Is it painful? – In my case NO. For a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most painful) I would say 1, just because I felt something when I stripped the paper off. 

(3) Will my skin bleed? – In my case, given that its a first time for me and I let my underarm hair to grow longer, yes I bled but only in really tiny bits.

(4) What’s better, hot or cold wax? – I haven’t tried using hot wax before but I know that you have to be really careful and fast while using it, so I think cold wax is more easier and safe to use. 

(5) Can I do it all by myself? – Yes, you definitely can.

(6) Will the hair grow back much slower? – It’s been six days since I waxed my underarm and really tiny hairs are just starting to peek through at this point. This is not the case when I’m shaving. So, yes, I can say that the hair grows much slower with the use of cold wax as compared to shaving. 


I have read that in order to prevent clogging of the pores and let the skin rest, it will be best to wait for at least 24 hours before applying deodorant or anti-antiperspirant. Essential oils with soothing properties can help calm the skin.

I’m really glad that I tried cold wax, by doing so. I might totally avoid shaving.

Keep safe everyone! I hope and pray for this pandemic to be over really, really soon.

– this blog is not sponsored


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