Brushes for Asian Eyes : ZOEVA Rose Golden Petit and Luxe Eye Brushes

The struggle is real when it comes on applying a decent eye makeup for monolid or hooded eyes which are common for Asian women. Being a part Chinese, I barely have a crease and my eye lids are too small. Everytime I attempt to apply a multi-colored eye shadow, the outcome was a disaster. It’s as if all the colors I put just pile up together onto my lids, no transition and no depth. I always ended up applying just a single colored eye shadow or not wearing anything at all.

It was until I realized that I have been using the wrong eye makeup brushes all along! The logic is simple, small eyes need small tools. Evidently, it took me a while before figuring this idea out.

Complete 1

Above are the gorgeous eye brushes from the Rose Golden Collection of the German brand, Zoeva. What made me buy these brushes aside from the fact that they are really pretty is the word “petit” on them.

Zoeva brushes are slightly more affordabe than MAC and Sigma brushes but they are of really good quality too.

Trio Whole Edited

PACKAGING Each brush is housed in an engraved rose golden box with lovely detailings, which you can better appreciate when the camera’s flash is on. 

Packaging 1

Packaging 2

Even the interior of the box is in shiny rose gold, super nice!

Packaging 3


The bristles are made from soft and smooth taklon hair also known as synthetic fiber. This means that not a strand of animal hair was taken, the same reason why it is also called “vegan” hair.

At the center part of the ferrule is the engraved logo of Zoeva, while the ferrule itself is  in metallic rose gold tone. 

Trio Slanted Edited

The name of the brushes are engraved neatly on the smooth handles as well.


Rose Golden


In applying eye makeup, we all know that blending is the key. However, this is not an easy job to do especially if you have a limited space to work on. For those chinita ladies out there, below are the brushes that you need  in order to achieve a beautiful eye makeup 😉

Trio 1

223 Petit Eye Blender (P553.00) – The bristles of this makeup brush are dense which allows me to blend my eye shadow really well and help me accentuate my tiny crease. This by far is my favorite eye makeup brush because I can totally finish my whole eye makeup buy using it alone. It provide a sort of “resistance” which makes me have a better control over it.

227 Luxe Soft Definer (P553.00) – Also perfect for blending the eye shadow is this oval-shaped brush. I love that the bristles are entirely white and its flat shape make the application of cream and powder eye shadow easier. With the help of this brush, I can now create an eye makeup with transition effect.

231 Luxe Petit Crease (P553.00) – To soften up the eye shadow edges and give the eye makeup a more polish look, girls with monolid eyes really need this brush. The pointed tip of the brush allows me do a much more detailed work like providing depth in the crease area.

Now, another brush that I strongly recommend for every Asian girls like me to have is this ..

240 Luxe Petit Pencil (P638.00) – (from the original line) this little helper allows me to create an “outer v” for that smoky eye shadow effect. Since the bristle of this brush is tiny and pointed, I also use this in applying shimmers on my inner tear ducts and eye shadow on my lower eyelids.

Pencil Brush

Body Petit Pencil

Pencil Tail

Pencil Packaging

Below are some pictures of me wearing an eye makeup using the brushes that I just talked to you about. As you can tell, there are no harsh lines and the transition of colors is visible. I did not go for a dramatic look here, rather just played with my neutal eye shadow palette. Honestly, this is the best eye shadow application that I have ever done.

With a little more practice, I am sure that I can create a more precise and on point eye makeup with the use of the Zoeva petit and luxe brushes.




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