My very own Lip and Cheek Makeup by Ellana Minerals

– because anything customized is FUN!

IMG_3262 What if you will be given a chance to create your own makeup product in terms of shade, shimmer, scent and skincare ingredient? That would be awesome right? Thanks to Ellana Minerals, this fantasy of mine came true and it was a real fun experience! Definitely one for the books!

It all started when Ellana Minerals through Project Vanity sent invites to everyone who are interested to participate in their Lab2Love Custom Color Lip Drunk Blush Event where I was one of the lucky registrants who were selected. It happened last August 14 but Luna (@sparklesandnargles) and I cannot post about the details yet until today. 


Let me show you guys how I did my own lip and cheek makeup.

STEP 1: Chose your base color  – there were four available basic shade options: Pink Flamingo, Strawberry Daiquiry (Red), Sangria (Deeper shade of Red) and Brown. I’m aiming for a coral with a hint of peachy shade so I mixed Pink Flamingo with small amount of Strawberry Daiquiry and a little bit of Brown.


STEP 2: Add a bit of shimmer – I selected Beam over Loyalty, Sensational and Halo because I feel like it compliments my base color more. 


STEP 3: Add a moisturizing ingredient: There were only two options for this category: Avocado Oil and Camellia Seed Oil. Since I’m more familiar with the skin benefits of Avocado Oil, I chose it right away. It is known for having numerous skincare benefits. Aside for its moisturizing properties, it acts as a natural sunblock as well. 


STEP 4: Select a scentSangria was my instant choice after taking a whiff on all the five options: Pink Flamingo, Autumn Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri and Mimosa. I’m not good at describing scents but Sangria is really nice, the kind of scent that’s subtle yet gives you a little punch. 

I was not able to include Sangria in this photo 

STEP 5, 6 and 7: Mix, Press and Bake: I think it only took  5 to 7 minutes and my lip and cheek makeup was ready. 

My Mixture 


I love the end product because it was exactly the shade that I was aiming for. I also appreciate, like big time! the added skincare ingredient that I was able to incorporate in my makeup. This product is easy to work with, non-drying, its blend-able and smells really good. You know what? to make it more personalized I’m gonna call this shade Domo – my poodle’s name. 

Pigment and Shimmer – Achieved! 
In the Shade – DOMO 🙂

Check out Ellana Mineral’s branch near you and avail of their Free Services that includes: (1) Foundation Shade Matching (2) Lip Exfoliation Spa Treatment (3) Facial Massage using Ellana Primer (4) Highlighting Touch Up (5) 5 Min. Full Face Makeup Application and my favorite (6) Makeup Customization Tutorial.

* services do not apply in Ellana Instantly (Grab and Go Counters). 

* this blog is not sponsored 


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