My Trusty Food Tray Provider: CCME Home Made Food Stuff

Last Sunday, I hosted my small birthday party at home where I invited my family and relatives. It was bit of a last minute plan so food tray delivery was the first thing that came into my mind. I placed an order with CCME Home Made Food Stuff two days before the party (they don’t entertain on the day orders) and that was it! I was spared from the stress of meal planning, grocery shopping, food preparation and cooking. I actually blog about this food supplier two years ago, was satisfied with their service that’s why I thought of ordering from them again and they did not disappoint. 


For this year, here are the dishes that I ordered. Each dish is ideal for only 10-12 persons but their servings are generous enough to satisfactorily fill the bellies of my 19 guests. 

Ox Tripe Kare-Kare ; P930.00  

Everybody loved the rich, tasty sauce and liberal amount of tender ox tripes in this Kare-Kare. There were also a variety of well-cooked vegetables. The shrimp paste (bagoong) that came with it was also good and not too salty. The shrimp paste was proportionate with the Kare-Kare.  

Lechon Kawali ; P820.00

The lechon kawali was still crispy when it was delivered. The skin still had its crunch which everyone enjoyed. The meat was tender and the toyomansi (soy sauce and kalamansi) with chili sauce  that came with it makes the dish even flavorful . The only thing that I didn’t like was how chunky the meat were cut. Anyway, I just used my sharp pair of scissors and effortlessly cut them into bite sizes. 

Tempura ; P730.00

My brother who is a big fan of seafood praised the shrimp tempura. The shrimps were big, meaty and had a sweet taste to it. It was soft and tender as well, coated with a very light batter with breadcrumbs. My family and relatives find it really delicious. I’m not sure if it should have come with a sweet-chili sauce or mayo dip though. 

Fish in Mayonnaise ; P1,120.00

Another seafood dish that I ordered was a steamed/baked (I’m not really sure haha!) grouper fish (lapu-lapu) with mayonnaise, cheese, pickles and bits of vegetable toppings. The fish seemed to be fresh at it had no foul odor or taste. The meat was soft and moist and tasted yummy. It was also beautifully presented don’t you think?  

Fresh Lumpia Ubod ; P720.00

Of course, there has to be a vegetable dish on the table. I specifically ordered fresh lumpia ubod because my mother and aunties loves fresh lumpia. I think CCME’s idea of wrapping each lumpia in a thin paper was brilliant so as to hold its form. The lettuce (as you can tell in the photo) and every bits of vegetables inside were fresh with a bit of crunch. It comes with a “not too sweet” sauce made out of cornstarch, peanuts and garlic. 


I’m really glad that I availed the food service of CCME Home Made Food Stuff for the second time. The delivery was earlier than I requested just like before, by the way delivery fee is P200.00 in my area. Each dish was well-packed and most of them were still hot. For the purpose of presentation, I opted to transfer each dish into disposable tin pans (OC attack lol!).

But the best part was that my guests loved everything on the table. They kept asking where I ordered the food from. This is not to mention that most of my family members are meticulous when it comes to food. My Chinese grandfather, my father and his siblings are great home cooks.  

If you want to host a stress-free small to medium party, I highly recommend CCME Home Made Food Stuff. This post is not even sponsored, just wanted to help my sisters out there *wink! 🙂 





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